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Neighbors for Dignified Public Transit .
South School Avenue
(South Fayetteville)
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the project

Our goal is to fund and build a neighbor-planned bus shelter in South Fayetteville, which is both aesthetically pleasing and designed to improve the commuting experience for local bus riders.  As of now, our bus stops are primarily just metals sign posts with no public seating, so riders are forced to sit on the ground or stand without protection from the weather. We cannot change the weather but we can improve the stop! Our structure aims to provide shade, shelter from the elements, resources (by including a Little Free Pantry/Little Free Library), and dignity to our neighborly bus patrons, and at the same time add art and appeal to the neighborhood. We hope this neighbor-led project will inspire other citizen- and institution-led bus shelters throughout the city and region. We want to make a visible statement about the role that buses have to play in our community and that they are valued modes of transport. We hope that the project shows that there are small, tangible improvements that can be made to start shifting the conversation about how people think about taking buses – and what their experience is once they decide to take a bus. 

the steps

1. Work with neighbors, artists, property owners and other stakeholders to identify the best location for our first Bus Shelter. 


2. Work with local architect/fabrication shop Modus Studio to finalize the design. 


3. Work with property owner to secure easement for the bus shelter. 


4. Secure materials and build/install the bus shelter with the help of our neighbors!


5. Work with Ozark Regional Transit to track ridership before and after the installation. 

why we're doing it

To improve the commuting experience of bus riders in South Fayetteville and deepen the conversation around bus ridership throughout Northwest Arkansas.  


First and foremost, our neighbors who rely on transit the most—those with disabilities, seniors, and families on a tight budget—bear the brunt of the inadequate conditions of our bus stops. This reinforces the perception that public transit is second best. Instead of waiting for someone else to improve the experience of taking the bus, we are interested in making change now. We want to show that anyone can take action to make their local bus stops more comfortable and enjoyable for their neighbors. Ultimately, we want transit decision makers to take notice of this work and we hope to increase bus ridership throughout the region by focusing on citizen-led improvements to the commuting experience.


Materials $8,000.00
Contract labor $5,000.00
Design Layout $2,000.00

Project Subtotal =  $15,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $450
Total to raise on ioby = $15,485



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