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340 Bushwick Ave. at Seigel St.
Brooklyn (Bushwick)
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the project

"This project will directly address environmental problems such as air quality and garbage removal, and will address the lack of community education concerning green spaces by encouraging participation in gardening, food growing, composting, and fostering a sense of stewardship for the community of Bushwick. In summary, the Bushwick Public Library Children's Garden Project will: Reclaim unused land for positive community use and educational activities Create a community garden accessible to the library patrons and community members Educate community members and children on quality of life issues such as creating and maintaining open spaces, garden construction, composting, rainwater irrigation, gardening, and urban food production Foster a sense of stewardship for the community of Bushwick

the steps

Week 1: Clear the lot of trash and debris; Identify and properly dispose of hazardous materials. Week 2: Plan and plot out community garden. Week 3: Landscape grounds and build raised beds for growing food. Note: most lumber and landscaping materials used will be reclaimed, salvaged, or recycled. Week 4: Plant trees, vegetables and ground cover. Week 5: Set up sustainable community composting program. Each step/weekly project will be executed as a workshop/event, the goal of which is to involve and educate our volunteers to start community gardens and compost programs themselves."

why we're doing it

Situated at the intersection of Bushwick Avenue and Seigel Street, the Bushwick branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is in the middle of a neighborhood that is both industrial and increasingly residential. Since much of the area is comprised of warehouses and industrial factories, there is a distinct lack of trees and open green spaces. Without sufficient community green space and an overflow of garbage and industrial dumping, residents of Bushwick have few outlets for becoming involved and caring for their neighborhood and surrounding environment. A direct result of this is a sense of detachment from the neighborhood. Our proposed Bushwick Public Library Children's Garden Project will involve the staff and patrons of the library in transforming an unused area behind the Bushwick Public Library that is currently neglected, and transform it into a community garden for patrons of the library. The library community garden will encourage neighborhood kids and nearby residents to learn about the importance of green space, growing fresh vegetables, and community involvement. It's more than just a chance to understand the process of life, where our food comes from, what 'unprocessed' foods are and why they're better for us. This garden will emphasize the importance of team work, give young adults exercises in decision making, something to take pride in, and the opportunity to experience the joy of seeing a plan from seed to fruition.


$60 : 4 pack of contractor garbage bags from ACE Hardware $40: 75 foot garden hose from Home Depot $240: 4 (four) 55 gallon reclaimed plastic drums for composting and rain water collection from BayTec Containers $200: reclaimed lumber from Build It Green (317 26th Ave Astoria, NY 11102 tel.718 777-0132) $60: transportation of materials (gas) $200: seeds and plants (these will come from local nurseries and plant centers such as The Sprout Home, Home Depot, Garden World in Queens) $100: soil from Home Depot $100: materials (nails, hammers, gloves, etc) from ACE Hardware


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