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Do you wish it was easier to fit fitness into your daily routine? Of course! We all do. And now you can. Introducing Bus Stop Moves, where whether you have five or twenty minutes until the next GCRTA bus, you can make a positive impact on your health.

Bus Stop Moves’ mission is to increase opportunities to move healthy and improve peoples’ perceptions about the “right” place to exercise by putting the resource out in the public on canvases that already exist.


Our group of artists and community activists launched the Bus Stop Moves program in Fall 2015 with partners at The MetroHealth System and through the GCRTA’s Adopt-A-Shelter program.  Translucent vinyl adhesive wraps illustrated with simple exercises and health tips cover four glass panels of each bus shelter in the program. The moves are meant for anyone of reasonable mobility to do in “street” clothes, on your way to work or school. Some of the moves can be performed sitting down, and all can be modified.

Each shelter also contains a panel called “Take It To The Streets”, where the number of steps to a more traditional place of recreation is listed, like a Metropark or a dance studio.  This is a great way to connect people to the neighborhood whether or not you plan to get on a bus at all -  which is where active living and healthy eating comes into play!

In Fall 2016, 10 new bus shelters will be wrapped with the Bus Stop Moves program in different Cleveland neighborhoods where sedentary lifestyles, diabetes, and heart disease are real battles in the community. To kick-off the program launching in these neighborhoods, free fitness classes will be offered and fresh, healthy foods will be distributed to anyone who demonstrates their favorite dance or exercise move. GCRTA bus passes will be distributed at no cost to riders who opt for this sustainable mode of transportation, too.


Next time you are waiting for a bus – don’t just sit there – don’t just stand there – busta move with Bus Stop Moves!


the steps

Mid-July: Three GCRTA shelter locations are selected for three "Take It To The Streets" kick-off events in Cleveland Neighborhoods including Slavic Village, the Detroit Shoreway and Central-Kinsman.

July 25th @ 11am: Press Conference in Slavic Village to kick off campaign.

August 5: Campaign Ends! THANK YOU :)

August: Healthy Eating – Active Living committees in Cleveland meet to plan kick-off events, recruit hyper-local fitness instructors and community health partners.

Mid-September: Bus Stop Moves wraps roll out onto ten new GCRTA bus shelters including the three "Take It To The Streets" event locations.

Late September: "Take It To The Streets" Kick-off events featuring free fitness classes and healthy, fresh foods launch at Bus Stop Moves’ bus shelters in Slavic Village, the Detroit Shoreway and Central-Kinsman.

why we're doing it

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we move less than before and instances of diseases and health ailments linked to sedentary lifestyles are on the rise, especially in Cleveland’s neighborhoods where access to fresh, healthy foods and regular opportunities to exercise is limited by time and money. Good news is that riders of Public Transportation are walking on average a ½ mile more than non-bus riders, so why not compliment that time spent walking to the bus with some strengthening and stretching moves?

'Bus Stop Moves' encourages people to think differently about the right time and place to exercise and is connecting GCRTA riders to local healthy resources along the way.

​We are taking healthy habits to the streets, so join us at three GCRTA bus shelters this Fall to launch Bus Stop Moves in the Slavic Village, the Detroit Shoreway and Central-Kinsman Cleveland neighborhoods!


What a fantastic way to engage the community and contribute to the health of the users of public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists. Bravo!


DISBURSEMENT GOAL (as of 8/8/16):

RAISED = $1,040.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) on non-match funds $16.75

$200 to not three but four kick-off events to support local fitness instructors and purchase healthy fruits and vegetables for event participants.

The additional kick-off will be in Collinwood, where the original shelters launched last Fall.

The remaining approximately $300 will be used to maintain and update the existing Collinwood shelters which have normal wear and tear anticipated after being up for nearly one year and the kick-off will re-launch these re-invested shelters.



$200 to each of three kick-offs to support local fitness instructors and purchase healthy fruits and vegetables for event participants.  

ioby Platform Fee  waived
*Donation Processing Fee (3%) $18

*Processing fees will not apply to match dollars received. The calculation above is an estimate and is likely to change at time of disbursement, based on the amount of donations received. 


Thank You!


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