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It's time for a Soulsville Bus Stop Shelter Update!

the project

At the busy intersection of McLemore and College Street, community members gather in harsh climates to wait for the bus without a place to sit and without protection from the extreme weather often experienced in Memphis.

But it does not have to be this way.

We cannot change the weather but we can improve the commute!

Our goal is to fund and build a bus shelter that embraces the musical and performing arts legacy in the Soulsville neighborhood.


Your donation buys

$10 and under


$11 to $25


$26 to $50

Plexi glass and finishing treatment

$51 to $199

Artisitic woodworking for seating


Local mastery carpenter skills

All donors' names will be included in the bus stop design as a commemorative display.

the steps

  • Commission one or 2 skilled carpenters
  • Reuse as much reclaimed materials as possible
  • Get permission from Stax to place on their property and maintain
  • Recruit volunteers and do a community build.

why we're doing it

There is no public seating for the residents in the community and people end up sitting on the ground. Riders will be able to sit and view improv musical performances and short playback plays put on by people and residents from the community while waiting for the bus.

Who's working on this:

Erick Brown, from the Delta and passionate about the community.

Ashley Cash, a native Memphian, always looking for ways to make something better.

Leni Stoeva, (Project coordinator) a creative mind, you can usually find her behind a paint brush.

Katie Morales

Trey Wilbun, a free spirit, full of GREAT ideas and who doesn't believe in No.


Nearly $200 in four hours...keep 'em coming.
In case your design is not finalized yet, you may want to consider the Overton Park bus stop (east side of Poplar between Cooper and Tucker) that is a copy of the City trolley stops that used to be throughout Memphis. It's a simple design to build, with great shade and built-in benches, and you can get the blueprints for free. Let me know if you're interested!


Materials $4,000.00
Contract labor $3,000.00
Design Layout $1,000.00

SUBTOTAL = $8,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of non-match dollars) $120

SUBTOTAL = $8,155
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3% of non-match dollars) $120



It's time for a Soulsville Bus Stop Shelter Update!

We successfully completed a series of workshops at Streets Ministries and Soulsville Charter School during the month of March. We received over 40 submissions from high school and middle school students for bus stop shelter design ideas. Our next step is to seek input from Mr. Phillip Dotson's art and design college students for graphic design renderings. We will then hold a panel to choose the winning designs. Following the selection we will be looking for a local contracting company to help carry out the build and will be looking for assistance with a sound architectural rendering of the winning design. Once a contracting company has been selected we will host a series of community builds within the neighborhood on site of the bus stop shelter and hope we can count on you to send us volunteers, students, residents, and anyone willing to help us assist with the build. I will be sending you upcoming dates and times so please be on the lookout. On behalf of the Soulsville, USA neighborhood, the students from Soulsville Charter School, and Streets Ministries, Community LIFT wants to thank you for your help and support on this neighborhood project. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you to our donors!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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  • Carla Peacher-Ryan
  • Tommy P
  • Wm. Bert Ferguson
  • Josh W.
  • Ashley and Dan Harper
  • Larschan-Wojack
  • Erin Barnes
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  • John Paul Shaffer
  • Elena S.
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