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Thank you, Elijiah!

the project

We are starting an artist-in-residence program and our vision is to recruit artists to complete green beautification projects that are beneficial to the community by addressing environmental issues with green infrastructure. We want to build a space for artists to be able to create environmentally responsive artworks and community members to visit and learn about issues being addressed. We envision building a space that is inspiring for artists and safe for children, so we may offer field trips to the site.

To do this we need to:

  • Build a workshop -that will be used for years to come- out of a shed kit that will serve as artist’s teaching and working studio;
  • Build a fence along the perimeter of the property so children can safely attend field trips at the garden; 
  • Start a small fund that we can grow to offer stipends for artists; and,
  • Stock the workshop with materials so artists can create work and be inspired on the site.

We want to build the infrastructure to provide artists with a space to make a difference in our community. With your help this space will continue to produce countless opportunities for artists to complete green art installations that better our community. You'll be giving us tools to share to beautify neighborhoods, one block at a time.  

the steps

The goal is to create the infrastructure to continue this cycle of creating green sustainable spaces to enjoy for years to come. We intend to beatify the greater New Orleans community one block at a time, while supporting southern artists and our city’s great artistic heritage.


#1. We need to build the artist workshop. Artist will need a makers space to create.

#2. We need to build a fence around the perimeter to make the space safe for visitors.

#3. We need to supply materials for the artist studio. Then comes the real fun!

#4. We’ll identify beautification projects, seek community feedback, and recruit local artists to compete for a residency position to build beautiful green infrastructure.

After that we will select the best applicant and match with the project that will have the greatest impact on our community. We will supply a modest stipend to the artist after the project has been completed. In addition to completing a beautification project, we want artists to include some kind of educational component to their project to give back and teach others about the their experience. We envision this in the form of free workshops, lectures, and/or field trips to the site of the completed project.

The cycle continues. Another project will be identified and paired with a new artist to creatively address an issue in the neighborhood.  We are confident that we will not lack for projects or artists interested in making a big change in a small space. By donating you'll not only be supporting a project, but a program that will have a tremendous impact on our community. This project will lay the foundation for artists to engage in meaningful green installations that address blight and areas of environmental concern. Help us provide artists with the tools, time, and space to create to make our community the best it can be. 

why we're doing it

We love our city and we love art.

A lot of the problems in our community can be solved with green infrastructure. We’d like to give artists the tools and space to creativity address areas in need of intervention. We’ll be solving problems to make our community better while providing artists with avenues for creative expression. By supporting our project, you’ll be supporting the rich culture of art in our city and helping us tackle environmental issues to better our community, one project at a time.

Our project aims to address environmental issues and blight by transforming spaces through art. We want to offer an artist in residency program that pairs artists with projects in need of addressing in the community  (i.e: stormwater management in a blighted community space). Artists will be tasked with addressing the problem with an artistic perspective (example: not just planting a tree, but creating a beautiful mosaic seating area around an intentionally landscaped area with trees that prevent flooding). At the conclusion of artist in residency artists will in some way provide outreach and education to the community (example: the artist will have collaborated with a local school to create tiles for the mosaic and children will visit the site on a field trip led by the artist after completion). With your donation we can offer the space, tools, and, time to build so artists may address issues of blight and environmental conservation.   

Why are we doing this? We are doing this because we live here and we believe in the power of art to transform spaces for the better. Our project will create a program that does just that, with a focus on our environmental impact and aims to reduce flooding and address stormwater management. This is our backyard, and we want to invite artists to feel inspired to help make it the best it can be. Join us, and help us create the space for makers to make.


Disbursed budget 12.14.2022:

$145.50 for Art making supplies for artist materials

TOTAL RAISED = $150.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $4.50


Original budget:

Perimeter fence so we can invite local schools to participate in workshops with our artists:

Estimated Cost: $600

Shed kit for Artist workshop and teaching center:

Estimated Cost: $2000

Art making supplies for artist materials:

Estimated Cost: $1000

Artist stipend Startup Fund:
Estimated Cost: $400

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $124

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.


Thank you, Elijiah!

Our dear neighbor donated to support our vision! Thanks so much Elijiah! He sees us go back and forth everyday to work on the garden, so he chipped in. Like what we’re doing? Show us and make a donation today!  Every little bit get us closer to the goal! Thanks!

We’ve received our 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption!

I am happy to report that we have received our tax exemption status! Please consider supporting our project and make your tax deductible donation today!


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