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the project

The Bethel Community Garden was established in 2018. In its two (2) garden seasons, the Garden has produced over 2,500 lbs of produce. Over 65% has been donated to local food pantries, community members and friends. We want to extend the garden to our neighbors homes in the immediate neighborhood! 

the steps

* Marketing of opportunity to local neighbors, community at large of opportunity to have a raised bed.

* Team will survey "potential" garden area and provide to neighbor potential design schematic

* Purchase of supplies and necessities for each raised bed: lumber, soil/compost, seeds/seedlings, water sourcing

* Build/Plant Day - build the bed and planting of seed/seedlings and signage for garden

* Assign a garden mentor to each garden, who will provide "technical support", tips, advice and other supports as needed

*Families will be encouraged to ensure. that the produce is part of their family's food supply, donated to local food pantry or community neighbor/friend


why we're doing it

In response to COVID-19, the Bethel Victory Community Garden Team thought it very important that gardening and empowering our neighbors to sustain their own food supply is critical. Additionally, as a proactive response to what we know will be increased numbers of persons who will experience food insecurity. Our church's garden has/will continue to be a source of produce, however it is not enough. It is critical to food sourcing into the hands of the people! Additionally, there are a wealth of benefits to gardening in addition to the nutrition/wellness component. 


The goal is to build 35 raised beds by June 31, 2020

Lumber: $2,500

Seeds/Seedlings: $750

Soil/Compost: $1,000

Labor: $1,000

Building materials & garden timers: $750

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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