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10 Organizations, 10 Cities, 9 States: A Successful Summit! Thank You!

the project

Outdoors Empowered Network is growing a powerful network of regional programs -- our Program Affiliates -- that GET YOUTH OUTDOORS through wilderness leadership training and outdoor equipment libraries.

We are holding our first National Summit this November, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Staff from programs around the country will gather for the first time to share information and best practices, build knowledge and skills, work on metrics and evaluation for program improvement, and discuss shared goals, priorities, and reciprocity between programs. Summit participants will include long-standing, experienced programs, along with new programs currently in operation, and organizations that are in the process of building their programs or are about to begin.

The goals of the summit are to:

1) Connect the network
2) Share best practices
3) Identify and prioritize key network-wide initiatives for the coming year and beyond

More info about the summit on our website:

the steps

We're in the final planning stages for the Summit. This campaign will raise funds for registration and travel match scholarships for participants from programs with limited resources. We've talked with them to assess need, and will award the match scholarships as funds are raised.

why we're doing it

The programs and organizations that will participate in the summit are diverse in terms of their resources. We're asking for your help in providing registration and travel match scholarships for those with limited funds. Attendance at the summit will help them, depending on their respective situation, in the following ways:

· If they are brand new to the concept, but have both the resources and the enthusiasm to become a Program Affiliate, this will move them towards a commitment to join the network. (Portland, Denver)

· If they are current affiliates but have just recently launched their program (Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles), they will gain invaluable insight into best practices to implement immediately.

· If they are a mature program (Boston, New York, SF Bay Area), they will meet their respective peers for the first time and help build collective goals and measurable outcomes for our new Network, that will give them both purpose and an ability to effect much broader change than if they acted alone.


Matching Summit Scholarships to help programs cover the cost of conference registration and travel:

5 - 6 registration only match scholarships ($100 - $225 each) = $900

2 - 3 registration and travel match scholarships ($200 - $600) = $1,100

                      TOTAL = $2,000

SUBTOTAL = $2,000
ioby Platform Fee  Paid for by the Seed Fund
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $30



RAISED (excluding The Seed Fund match funds) = $1677
ioby Platform Fee (for campaigns raising over $1,000) = $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) = $48
TOTAL (excluding The Seed Fund match funds) = $1594

TOTAL TO DISBURSE (now including The Seed Fund match funds) = $2594

Organization First Name Registration Travel TOTAL Scholarship $
Portland Gear Hub (ME) Brooke $250 $0 $250
Wilderness Inquiry Ronald $525 $475 $1,000
Urban Ecology Center Mike $275 $0 $275
Cook Cnty Forest Pres. Brian $275 $0 $275
Cook Cnty Forest Pres. Artt $275 $0 $275
IYWI Meg $200 $400 $600
AMC YOP Sebastian $275 $0 $275
AMC YOP Jamie $275 $0 $275
LAWT Chelsea $100 $125 $225
BAWT Scott $125 $0 $125
BAWT Aaron $125 $0 $125
BAWT Steven $125 $0 $125
BAWT Ashley $125 $0 $125
BAWT Theo $125 $0 $125
Quimby Fdn / CAP Zack $75 $0 $75
Quimby Fdn Hannah $75 $0 $75
OEN Alison $75 $300 $375
CAOF Terry $75 $0 $75
TOTAL SCHOLARSHIPS   $3,375.00 $1,300.00 $4,675.00



Summit Scholarship Support Confirmed for Two Social Entrepreneurs So Far!

We've got RAIN, for the first time in what seems like forever, here in San Francisco. It feels GREAT! 16 days before our first ever National Summit and the rain is making a difference, and so are YOU! We've been able to confirm summit scholarship support for two energetic, smart and motivated social entrepreneurs so far.

Ron Griswell is a Natural Leader, and an instructor for Wilderness Inquiry who would love to bring an Outdoors Empowered Network program to Minneapolis, and your support of his attendance just might be the spark that makes that happen. Thanks for your generosity and please, spread the word to help us grow the Network to get more kids outdoors!


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  • Lawrence Shweky
  • Jose Gonzalez
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