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Valentin M
Hoyt Ave and Shore Blvd
Queens (Astoria)
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the project

Our project will address the dangers of the existing dog run, such as the pointy rocks coming out of the ground, rusted metal in the ground, small fence, and the unsafe ground surface which can spread round worms and other dangerous worms that can spread through feces of other dogs and wild animals.

the steps

The steps I will take to complete the project will be to get volunteers to help out with taking out the old fence putting in the new one, taking the rocks out of the ground, and helping in surfacing with the new ground surface. Aside from the labor volunteers with help in bake sales and other cool fundraising ideas.

why we're doing it

Our project will remove all dangers out of the ground, put up higher fencing, and surface the ground with a material what will limit the spread of worms and make the dog run cleaner on rainy days. Also Astoria Dog Owners Group will educate dog owners in the dangers or worms, violent dogs and how to notice a violent dog before it enters the dog run.


I came to that budget because the fencing its self will cost about 4,800 - 6,000, the new ground surface will cost about 2,000 - 3,000 the most and then the rest of the stuff such as permits for fundraising, benches, cement, fencing poles, and other tools we might need with eat up the rest of the money. So i think 15,000 will be the safest if there is any money left over it will be donated to a local shelter to save some life's.


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