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the project

Help us grow up to the “garden” in our name!

The Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School (BUGS) is raising money to help create an entrance garden to serve as an outdoor classroom for our brand new school of middle school students. 

Located at 500 Nineteenth Street Brooklyn, NY 11215, our school serves a highly diverse group of urban students and is co-located within Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School. This private location for our public charter school is a lovely one, but the rent has left little in our budget for the “extras.” This garden “extra” however, is essential to our school’s mission!

We are a community-based Eco-School with Environmental Sustainability as our central uniting curricular focus.

We’re raising funds to live up to our name by funding a part time garden and field work teacher this winter and spring.  This teacher will facilitate the creation of our front entrance garden (our only garden site to date) in a hands-on way that involves students directly, and collaborates with all teachers and subject areas.

Goal: $10,000 ($8,000 in Garden/Fieldwork Teacher funds, and $2,000 in Garden Supplies)

You can find more information at:

the steps

  1. Students design garden during class time.
  2. Hire the garden and field work teacher.
  3. This teacher will facilitate the creation of our front entrance garden (our only garden site to date) in a hands-on way.
  4. Prepare for summer maintenance of garden and fall harvest.



why we're doing it

Our students deserve access to the outdoors and require on-site field work to “grow” their sense of community responsibility, pride, project work skills and natural literacy.

We need to raise these funds by December 31st  to commit to the garden teacher and commence the preparation work for the spring planting.

Your contribution of $75 helps give one BUGS student this exciting garden opportunity for this school year.

Please help us reach our goal and put the "garden" in our name!











Garden/Fieldwork Teacher Funds $8,000
Garden Supplies $2,000

SUBTOTAL = $10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335


RAISED = $6,505.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $188.45

Garden/Fieldwork Teacher Funds:   $6,282

Garden Supplies:  Provided in kind by Green-wood Cemetery and 2K grant received from Grow To Learn NYC. 


Thank you!

We're getting closer!

Thank you for your incredible support - We've reached 60% of our goal!

Our students are enthralled to create their own garden beds and have become incredibly imaginative. Many of the student designs include compost bins, a greenhouse, rainwater harvesting units and raised garden beds full of vegetables. Please continue to support BUGS in reaching our goal!







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  • Paul V.
  • Jennifer B.
  • Rosie A.
  • Elena D.
  • Maureen S.
  • Lucy R.
  • Kendra J.
  • Charise H.
  • Lorraine L.
  • W Mark R.
  • David T.
  • Lorna M.
  • Lisa D.
  • Yaling L.
  • Julie U.
  • Charlotte E.
  • Judith M.
  • Betty F.
  • Mark P.
  • Susanna Y.
  • James S.
  • Thomas G.
  • Anita K.
  • Mark L.
  • Shaileen B.
  • Johnny T.
  • Sallye S.
  • Amanda R.
  • Ashby J.
  • Eric R.
  • Henry N.
  • Caroline S.
  • Hae K.
  • Steven A.
  • Gail L.
  • Janet R.
  • Jill P.
  • Ramesh S.
  • Marilyn S.
  • Miriam N.
  • Sherry M.
  • Carol A R.
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  • Eireann C.
  • Irene N.
  • Angela O.
  • Christopher S.
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  • Brooks T.
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  • Shannon S.
  • Suzanne T.
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