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the project

The Buford Highway Halloween Parade and Pop-Up is a partnership between We Love BuHi and PopATL. We Love BuHi is a social enterprise that catalyzes and supports a livable, lovable, inclusive Buford Highway through creative placemaking. PopATL is a tactical urbanism group of Atlanta-based architects, planners and designers. Our goal is to activate a centrally located and highly visible empty lot of Buford Highway with activities and art. The event will take place on Saturday, October 29.

Buford Highway is a transportation corridor in metropolitan Atlanta that is home to many immigrant residents, business owners, and, most notably, restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world, predominantly Asia and Latin America. The road is distinguished by aging strip malls and sprawling apartment complexes interspersed with used car dealerships, pawn shops, and large parking lots.

Together, We Love BuHi and PopATL aim to provide residents and visitors a fun experience of small-scale human activity in an environment designed and built to move cars and trucks. We hope to cement widespread appreciation of the cultural treasure that is Buford Highway, as well as catalyze more creative placemaking and people-friendly development and policy.

the steps

We're livening and lighting up Buford Highway by giving it a gateway feature and a parade! We're reinventing an empty parking lot as a Pop-Up Playground with activities, games and music for one evening and then hosting a Halloween costume parade with kites and lanterns and home-made decorations on Atlanta's most interesting street.

why we're doing it

The challenge on Buford Highway is to include, engage and inform the immigrant communities living and working on Buford Highway of the opportunities and decisions that directly affect their current and future quality of life and livelihoods.

The Buford Highway Pop-Up Playground and Parade is a creative place-making collaboration that catalyzes a broad, community-driven conversation about this challenge, encouraging local residents, business owners and policy makers to re-examine and imagine what Buford Highway can be. Our vision for Buford Highway is a livable, safe, healthy, thriving, attractive, inclusive, affordable area that fully embraces and celebrates its multicultural character.



Moon gate construction, lumber and hardware. $700

Patio furniture and delivery or truck rental: 150 chairs, $1.50 each; 15 tables, $8 each; weekend truck rental, $100. $450

Activity stations and supplies: Jumbo Jenga, $125.

Lot cleanup: $30

SUBTOTAL = $1,305

less ioby Platform Fee ($35) - waived

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) - waived

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) - waived




Moon gate construction, lumber and hardware. $700

Mobile soccer pitch rental from Dragon Goal USA and staffing. $600

Putt-putt station construction: 15 2x2s, AstroTurf, golf balls, golf clubs, plywood sheets, xylophone and other props for each hole. $500

Patio furniture and delivery or truck rental: 150 chairs, $1.50 each; 15 tables, $8 each; weekend truck rental, $100. $450

Activity stations and supplies: badminton sets and extra accessories, 2 at $70 each; Jumbo Jenga, $125; various board games, $130. $400

Decorations: Asian hanging paper lanterns $100; Mexican cut paper streamers, $100. $200

Permit fees and miscellaneous supplies. $150

SUBTOTAL = $3,000

ioby Platform Fee ($35) - waived

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) - waived

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) - waived






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