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the project

The Buck Out Foundation was established by LaChanee’ Hipps, a former collegiate majorette dancer (Alabama State University Stingettes) and current professional dancer (Power House Dance Team Cleveland Cavaliers). LaChanee’ was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where she attended East Cleveland City Schools. Over the years, many aspiring dancers have looked up to LaChanee’ for guidance as they worked toward their goal of becoming collegiate and/or professional dancers. Unfortunately, many young people who seek to cultivate their passion for dance lack the essential resources necessary to get fully prepared for careers in dance. As a result, LaChanee’ founded the Buck Out Foundation to support those who aspire to have careers in dance but lack essential resources. 

The team is comprised of former and current professional and/or collegiate dancers and current students. Students lead the enrollment and recruitment process for the organization. The Buck Out Foundation has served over 150 youth through dance workshops, character development workshops, and annual all-city dance showcase events. Furthermore, many students have successfully gone on to become professional and/or collegiate dances as a result of participation in Buck Out programs. For example, two students are now part of the Alabama State University band dance teams (Stingettes & Honey Bees); one student started a dance team at Ohio University; one is now a professional dancer with the Monsters Hockey Team. 

the steps

Buck Out Foundation plans to continue growing its existing program by identifying and engaging more underserved individuals who aspire to be collegiate or professional dancers. The major goals are:

  1. Increase Accessibility to Programs - Buck Out Foundation is in the process of moving its primary location to inner-city Cleveland so that more youth have access to programs and initiatives. Furthermore, Buck Out Foundation will collaborate with schools and community organizations to deliver workshops in different spaces throughout the city.

  2. Host Quarterly Clinics in Cleveland - Many clinics for collegiate and professional dance take place outside of Cleveland and often outside of Ohio. Buck Out Foundation will continue bringing professional clinics to Cleveland featuring HBCU Dance Captains, Professional Dancers, and other Dance experts. 

  3. Host Monthly Character Development Workshops - As mentioned above, cultivating professional dancers requires more than training on technical skills. The Buck Out Foundation will continue hosting monthly workshops on topics pertinent to the holistic development of dancers featuring various community leaders. 

  4. Host Student Recitals - To provide students with the opportunity to display their skills and talents while also engaging the community, the Buck Out Foundation will host 3 student recitals per year.  

why we're doing it

As a result of Buck Out Foundation programming, more youth who aspire to be dancers will not be held back by their circumstances when looking preparing for careers in dance. All youth who desire to develop their skills as professional or collegiate dancers will have the opportunity to realize their dreams and to come back and help others. 

Cultivating new dancers will also enhance the arts culture in the community. Enhanced art culture in the community inspires innovation and creativity. Neighborhoods with vibrant art culture are usually more desirable. Furthermore, a program like this provides individuals in the neighborhood with a positive outlet for creative expression. 



Space $1,500.00

Instructors 1500

Equipment 2000

Marketing 1000

Total $6,000.00

TOTAL RAISED = $6,235.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $187.05
  • Instructors ($1,500)- Stipends for professional and collegiate dancers to conduct dance workshops for students, as well as guest speakers to conduct character development workshops
  • Marketing ($2,000)- Printing of flyers and handbills to promote clinics, and workshops; social media ads, and graphic design
  • Equipment ($3,000)- Uniforms for 25 youth dancers including uniforms, shoes, and tights
  • Space ($4,636)- Professional studio space in a safe, centralized location in the City of Cleveland

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $345
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $11,516


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