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the project

Helping us build a beautiful and accessible community garden is as easy as 1-2-3:

Bryant Hill Community Garden is located in Hunts Point, and is one of only two community gardens in the South Bronx. Half the residents in Hunts Point live more than a five-minute walk to a park, making open space like Bryant Park Community Garden a particularly important community asset.

1. Your donation will create a more productive, accessible garden and a healthier community  in 2018:

While the garden is highly valued in the community, it is in disrepair and difficult to navigate. The garden is situated on a steep incline, and rainwater has stripped away much of the topsoil. The existing walkways are crumbling, and the irregular nature of the debris results in many large openings that are susceptible to erosion.  Runoff water is not contained on the site and spills onto the adjacent sidewalk. Several of the garden members have limited mobility, and the rough condition of the paths prevent them from fully enjoying the garden.

We plan to rebuild the walkways, build rain gardens, and ultimately improve safety and access to the garden.

These improvements will preserve and protect this essential greenspace, and increase community engagement in the production of vegetables and honey from the beehive on the site.

2. Your donation will create job training for local residents:

Students from The HOPE Program’s green-collar job training program, Sustainable South Bronx, have volunteered at the garden for several years, completing general cleanup projects and installing rain gardens.

With this support, we will generate 300 hours of living wage employment to graduates of Sustainable South Bronx, offering them an opportunity to build their skills and work experience while earning income.

3. Your donation will be doubled:

Every donation to this fundraiser will be doubled, on this page in real time, by the New York State Health Foundation (up to $1,000 per donation).  Thank you for your gift!


the steps

The Steps  (with an estimated time-line):

March 2018: SSBx will acquire and install the wooden cribbing to improve the stability of the garden's walkways. 

April 2018:  Order sedum and shade tolerant native plants which will address water runoff and erosion issues.

Early May 2018: Conduct outreach to community members in order to educate about the project and recruit volunteers. Organize work days to install new vegetation. Crews will be led by paid SSBx graduates, with volunteers participating. 

May/June 2018: Provide establishment care for new plants, including weeding and irrigation as needed.

Mid-June 2018: SSBx will host a community planting event showcasing improvements to garden access and water management.

why we're doing it

Hunts Point is a notorious food desert, which is particularly ironic since it is home to the largest produce distribution hub in the world. Combined with the other industrial uses of the area there is excessive amounts of air pollution, leading to disproportionately high rates of asthma and heart attack hospitalizations. Studies of the health impacts of air quality in the area have concluded the neighborhood needs the creation of additional green space. This project will provide residents of Hunts Point with improved access to open space where they can get first-hand experience with food production while strengthening the fabric of their community.

This project addresses three out of five priorities that emerged from a recent community based assessment of the challenges facing Hunts Point; food access, community gardens, and space for community programing.

In addtion to providing Hunts Point residents with a valuble community asset, this project provides important training and transitional employment to unemployed New Yorkers through Sustinable South Bronx's signature green jobs training program. It's a win-win!



Disbursed Budget (1.2.18):

In addition to our original budget below, we'll use the additional revenue to purchase additional plants for the park. Thank you for your generous donations!

RAISED = $10,224.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $296.77


Original Budget Summary:

8 graduates for 38 hours @ $21.50 = $6,536

40 hours planning and supervision @ $45/hr = $1,800

500 Sedum Plugs (plantings) = $1150

Wooden 6'x 6' for steps: $198

Total: $9,684

ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $291
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $10,010




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