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the project

Brother Nature Produce is a small farm that specializes in salad mix and herbs with an urban and rural location. We sell at the eastern Market, Corktown market (that we helped establish), the Farmers' Hand (a small grocer in Corktown), and to several restaurants in a 2 mile radius. It all started back in 2007 when Greg Willerer was growing lettuce, basil, and nasturtiums in his back yard, while part time teaching, to sell with the Grown in Detroit Co -Op table. Greg had been teaching for 14 years and although he loved the students changes to the educational system meant stifling restrictions that he felt negatively affected students. Upon seeing that he could indeed make money selling produce he decided to rent his own table at the Eastern Market and farm full time. Which is where he met me, his future wife; Olivia Hubert a horticulturalist back in Detroit from my studies at the Royal Horticulture society of London England. I was a grower looking for a farm and he had a small urban farm but not much growing knowledge; we considered it an arranged marriage at the hands of the urban farmer community. So now we are both making our full time living by selling salad and herbs, doing for hire plowing and tilling with our beloved tractors, and snow plowing in the winter.

After many years of trying to buy the acre in the city we have been farming from the planning and development department of Detroit we decided to buy land in the country, about an hour north of the city where the suburbs finally give up. We could not take the risk of being put off our land like some other growers had been so we decided to hedge our bets by continuing farming the lots and to trying to buy them but in the mean time establishing a food forest/ alley cropping system out in the country. Well, wouldn't it be easier to just farm out in the country? Yes, it would be but we consider our farming operation to be more than just a way to make a living; its a model for a new way of living. There is no reason other than self replicating capitalism that keeps Detroit from becoming a almost 100% self reliant city! Detroit could at least feed itself with all the vacant land that they are currently losing money on for cost of upkeep and lack of tax money collected. People need to see that it is possible to live another kind of life devoid groveling to corporations in the form of tax breaks and taxpayer backed investments that fail to trickle the money back down to them. Already this 1 acre in the city has not only allowed us to quit our jobs but also buy 6 acres in the country as well as a 2nd house in the city.


the steps

STEP 1:  Acquire the truck

STEP 2: mural painting, welding, additional windows, sinks and new flooring

STEP 3: Sell delicious salads to Detroit Area residents on Belle Isle and around the City!

why we're doing it

To allow greater access to Detroit grown produce and provide healthy food options!


Disbursed Budget 8.29.18

Raised = $1,770.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $50.53

Total to Disburse = $1,684.47

Funds will pay muralists


Original Budget

Food Trailer $1100 

Project subtotal                                 $1100.00

ioby platform fee:                                  $35.00

ioby payment processing fee (3%)       $33.00

Project Total                                      $1168.00


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