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the project


Our organization is committed to creating and improving food options for our communities. We are beginning the first steps to making soil with "waste" from the city. Buying soil means another location is being degraded and our goal is regeneration. Diverting soil-building materials from the landfill to our gardens means we feed ourselves, improve our environment, and provide an example that can be reproduced with minimal (or no) fiscal demands.

We are working hard to establish Brooklyn's first community food forest. An edible woodland has great potential in urban farming by offering neighborhood benefits including an alternative food source, recreation space, educational space, and pollution reduction. 

An edible forest garden is assembled with stability in consideration. The balanced patterns at work in a healthy forest allow it to function sustainably, with minimal or no outside resources being added. By working with these patterns we can create a similar self-regulating oasis in an urban context.

The final design will recreate a woodland edge, with cool forested community spaces that open up into fruit and nut groves, and then field crops and vegetable patches.

the steps

  • Lay down wood pallets and fill with wood chips


why we're doing it


Food access in many parts of the city are limited to processed meals. Our work is a direct response to this problem: learn and work together in creating decentralized food sources. But beyond improved health, we've found that growing food collectively nurtures healthy social relationships. 



100 gas money for material transport

50 bike trailer building materials

200 tools

125 mineral powders, ground cover seed, mycorrhizae and nitrogen-fixing inoculants

50 rainwater filtration barrel

project total = 525

Third Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) = $15.75

Fiscal Sponsorship (5%) = $26.25

Grand Total = $568

New grand total (total raised) = $603


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  • Liz A.
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  • Zachary C.