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Fort Greene Park
(Fort Greene)
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Bk Park Glass in the Bk Paper!

the project

Will cleanup our local parks and put to use broken glass that is a danger to those that would like to enjoy Brooklyn parks.

the steps

Would need to bring together community and volunteers to collect glass on weekends. Find artists that would like to work with recycled glass and willing to surrender some profits to the expansion and execution of future cleanup work in Brooklyn and other boroughs.

why we're doing it

Excessive amounts of broken glass in Brooklyn parks.


1.) Five pairs leather gardening gloves for protection $35, 2.) Ten Burlap Sacks for collection $50, 3.) Five plastic containers for transport $75, 4.) Five garbage grabbers $50, SUBTOTAL = $210 ioby fee = $17. TOTAL: $227


Bk Park Glass in the Bk Paper!


The Brooklyn Park Glass crew got some great coverage this past week in the Brooklyn Paper!  If you'd like to get involved, Shana is looking for a volunteer with a car to help drive the glass to it's destination in New Jersey where it will be made into a table.  More volunteer days to come as well!


1st clean up completed!

Kitchen Garden Seeds and Seed Savers recently donated some seeds to us.  So I want to give
away seeds and plants in the Spring.  Will be looking for volunteers for that in the future.  I am
talking to a couple of bulb sellers about donating their overstock in late Autumn so we can pass
those out in some lower income areas and community gardens in Brooklyn.

Talk to you soon.

Thank you! Clean up and seed giveaways begin.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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