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Thanks from the Brooklyn College Garden!

the project

The project will build a three-bin composting structure to enrich the soil in individual plots in our new garden and to assist in taking care of neglected street trees which we have claimed under the Million Trees initiative. The work will be performed by volunteers drawn from students, faculty and staff at Brooklyn college and individuals from the neighborhood surrounding the college. The outcome will be a state-of-the art composting system and tools to use it to enrich our soil and our lives.

the steps

1. Decide on a final design (many models available) 2. Develop a list of materials needed and cost them out; seek recycled lumber 3. Get lumber cut to size by volunteer with a radial arm saw 4. Prepare site for the bins 5. Plan a work party for a "bin raising" 6. Celebrate by "stocking" our new bins with existing greens and brown material. 7. "Harvest" black gold.

why we're doing it

We are rebuilding the Brooklyn College garden after a prior garden had to be reconfigured due to long-planned additions to our athletic facilities. The community was very upset, and we have worked hard to include them in the work of planning and establishing the new garden; gardens should not cause strife -- they should bring people together. The new BC Garden will enhance the College's academic mission and foster partnerships with gardeners from the college (students including current and future K-12 teachers, staff, and faculty), the neighborhood, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, other Brooklyn Gardens and the many organizations in NYC with compatible missions and goals. The garden is pretty much a blank slate now and will take time to develop. We are in our in the early stages, but interest and progress have been remarkable. Our first task is to establish final plans for the garden's layout and build components such as a three-bin composting system, a storage shed and paths and common areas from recycled brick and pavers. The garden will create a place where the college and neighboring community can come together to learn about urban gardening best practices and grow fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables in individual and shared plots. We will offer a model for aspects of urban sustainability such as composting, irrigation, and the educational uses of urban gardens. We also plan to create ornamental areas in the garden and on the adjacent street to beautify what has long been the "back door" to the college. The garden we are building will employ native, drought-tolerant plants that are bird and insect friendly.


$350 for materials (Home Depot): wood: 30' 2 x 4s; 25' 2x6s; 22' 2x2; 16' 2 x 6s; 54' 1x6; 25' 36" hardware cloth; galvanized nails, screws, carriage bolts, T and L brackets, hinges for lid; galvanized staples for hardware cloth $350 tools (Amazon/Home Depot) 2 Ames 189011 spading forks @$25/each 2 Ames 13098 long handle shovels @$25/each 2 Fisker 9655 compost/mulch forks @$43/each 1 Ames 8 cu ft dual wheel wheelbarrow, $164/each Project Total = $700 ioby fee = $56


Thanks from the Brooklyn College Garden!

Thank you everyone for your generous contributions to our bin build project! I am so excited, as are the gardeners and students to build next spring. Right now, there's a small group of committed students carrying on composting for the winter with temporary bins in place, so there's plenty of black gold come spring. Happy New Year!

So close to building the compost bins! Please donate today!

Thanks to everyone for donating to our compost bin-build project. We are over halfway there. Please tell friends and family to donate even a little to help us reach our goal.  At the garden, we have just ended the season for 2011, fall greens and flowers were plentiful. It was a very busy, productive season.  Many gardeners grew abundant vegetables and flowers and all learned about the need to take continual good care of their veggie plots.  Our composting is still going strong, several Brooklyn College students have committed to continuing the compost operation over the winter and we have several other students  who want to participate either by helping to maintain the bins or by contributing household waste next spring.  We produced 4 cubic yards of compost this summer/fall in our temporary compost setup, which we since sifted and stored for next year or made new garden plots from. Since we are still raising funds, we will wait until next April to build this 3-bin structure. We are looking forward to a pretty, cedar structure to compost food waste in and attract more students and neighborhood residents to get involved. 

Please tell everyone you know to contribute to this project, we’re almost there!

Composting Fundraising underway!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking out our project page.  We posted this last Spring but our plans to build a three bin composter during this past summer were put on hold due to postponement of the athletic field project next door and more important developments like recruiting our membership and growing veggies.  Our garden is producing abundantly and the college's construction project has started. We started composting last winter in moveable bins, consistently collecting food waste from several sources. Please help us build a permanent wooden structure which will ease turning compost and look a whole lot neater. We appreciate even the smallest donations!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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