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the project

WHEDco is seeking funds to construct a greenhouse so that they can expand an urban farming program that during the outdoor growing season on its rooftop farm yields 800 pounds of produce for low-income tenant families. 

Donate $10 and spread the word: #10forBxFarm

In addition to enabling year-round tenant farming, the greenhouse will be used for seed germination, horticultural therapy and workshops.  The greenhouse will be built at WHEDco’s Intervale Green building, the nation’s largest multi-family, Energy Star certified affordable housing development.

Through the activities of the greenhouse and rooftop farm, participant families from Intervale Green and other parts of the community will have an opportunity to also learn about sustainable living and the environment, and improve their health.

For more information please see this short video featuring our Farm Manager, David Torres:


the steps

After the funds become available, the greenhouse will be ordered from a designated vendor.  Volunteers will be organized to assemble the greenhouse.  Raised beds will be constructed to support vegetable production, along with other structural requirements.  

why we're doing it

WHEDco has worked for over 20 years to build a more beautiful, equitable and economically vibrant Bronx.  With the greenhouse, WHEDco will continue to increase access to fresh, nutritious foods for its tenants who live in the county with the worst health outcomes in New York State.

Additionally, the greenhouse will promote healthy, eco-friendly living by providing opportunities for Bronx residents to reconnect with the environment. The greenhouse will contribute to a sustainable food system by allowing participants to grow and eat food from the environment in which they live.  Learning how food is grown and where it comes from will create an understanding of the food system.  The greenhouse will also increase awareness about the connections between diet, health and the environment.

More broadly, the greenhouse will be a space where community members can develop social cohesion.  Planting, growing, nurturing, harvesting and eating foods together will foster an appreciation for the natural environment and a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable living.


Greenhouse: $2,195 Solar Power Vent Opener: $64 x 2 = $128 Greenhouse Lighting: $120 x 2 = $240 Shipping: $211 project total = $2774 third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $83 ioby labor and materials fee= $35 total to raise = $2892


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