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Birds & Bats project is underway

the project

To construct and establish one Chimney Swift tower and ten bat houses within the East Buntyn neighborhood.  These structures will provide Chimney Swifts and bats secure places to rest and raise their young.  Residents of our neighborhood will build the bat houses from kits, which require simple skills and tools.  The Chimney Swift tower will require a bit more skill and it will be constructed from raw materials, so a Master Carpenter will supervise this part of the project.  By offering these structures, we will give these two species that suffer from diminishing populations a boost.


the steps

The East Buntyn Historic District Neighborhood Association will manage this project.  Animal experts from Lichterman Nature Center will provide advice regarding most suitable designs and sites for the bat houses and Chimney Swift tower.  Bat house kits, raw lumber and other necessary materials will be purchased.  Volunteers will donate their labor (and use of their tools) to construct and erect the structures.  The structures will be placed at various locations around the neighborhood by the fall of 2015, so that they will be ready for spring 2016 habitation.  With this project, we will spotlight the plight of these creatures and educate the public about their vital role in the environment, while dispelling falsehoods.

why we're doing it

Bat and Chimney Swifts numbers are in a severe decline because of various factors including habitat loss and disturbance of roosts, plus there is a lack of public knowledge of their importance.  These creatures are very helpful to human in that they are voracious insect eaters.  They are particularly fond of mosquitos, thus helping to ameliorate our problem with West Nile virus.  Because they reradicate  insect pests and are good plant pollinators, they benefit our local organic farmers, too.  They also provide tremendous entertainment with their aerial acrobatics.  We want more people to be aware of their situation and hope to inspire other neighborhoods to help them.


we're happy to help make our neighborhood less buggy!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. I can't wait to see bat houses and a chimney swift tower in East Buntyn!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 5/29/15):

RAISED = $2,000.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $57.23

10 three-chambered bat house kits (including shipping) = 892.85
paint, caulk, hardware, etc. for bat houses = $39.55
Lichterman fee (wildlife advisor) = $150.00
Chimney Swift tower:
Tower Legs (angle irons) = $75.88
Concrete = $78.00
Insulation = $37.84
Paint = $7.52
Lumber = $170.12
Hardware (including rebar & wire) = $323.77
Sales tax on CST purchases = $64.11
The decision about the exact type of siding that will be used on the tower has not been made yet. It is estimated to cost $300 to $400. Our neighborhood association, East Buntyn Historic District Neighborhood Association, will pay for any costs incurred beyond the ioby reimbursements.



10 bat house kits (and shipping)


Lumber (including posts)




Angle irons


Cedar siding


Sheet metal


Insulation board


Hardware, misc.


Lichterman fee


SUBTOTAL = $1,800
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $54



Birds & Bats project is underway

10 three-chambered bat houses have been assembled and painted.  Most of these have been distributed to residents of the East Buntyn neighborhood.  As of this date (3/14/16), 4 have been mounted.  The rest will be mounted shortly.  We will begin the chimney swift tower construction this summer.  We will continue post information about this project as progress continues.  We feel this project has even greater significance since the outbreak of the Zika virus. 


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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