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the project

A Bridge that Bridges is in its 3rd year!  Since 2016, two cohorts of community members of have come together to discuss structural racism in our neighborhood.  Together and with the help of over 75 volunteers messages of hope and unity are now painted along the East 22nd Street Bridge and Cedar Avenue Bridge over I-90--two structures that were once used to divide us, now connect us.  The 2018 cohort will complete the last part of the Cedar Bridge with their depictions of a more harmonius Cleveland.  

A Bridge that Bridges

Cleveland is making its comeback and so is the Campus District of downtown, yet the north and south neighborhoods of the District are divided by a bridge over the highway and there is a risk that our community's story will be a tale of two cities. A Bridge that Bridges project aims to personally and publically address the longstanding division of race in Cleveland. Campus District is a microcosm of the racially segregated city, physically divided by Innerbelt I-90, with thriving Downtown Cleveland and the Cleveland State University campus to the north and to the south, a predominately black neighborhood with concentrated public housing since the 1930's. The highway, built in the late 1950's  is a physical representation of the racial and cultural barriers in the city. 

Throughout this 3 month project people who work, live or go to school on either side of the bridge engage together through intentional conversations about race and racism while co-creating a mural illustrating our intention for a more  equal and integrated future using the practice called "Make Art Talk Race". We will target a physical representation of the racial divide through installing the mural on walls of the East 22nd Bridge over the highway – one of the few links between Downtown Cleveland and the Cedar-Central Neighborhood. Once installed we will host a public celebration (you’re invited) to unveil how and why we chose to paint the city the colors of love!

Learn more about Make Art Talk Race here.

the steps

Jan 30: Meet with partners to establish outreach strategy

Feb-Mar 10: Recruit participants

Mar 15: Mural team confirmed

Apr 5: Initial team session

Apr-Jun: Team building, Guided conversation & Mural design

Jun 30: Final mural design

Jul 1: Mural design submitted for review

Jul 1-Aug1: Additional Fundraising

Jul-Aug: Mural installation

Jul 15: Team identifies and confirms local entertainment for public celebration

Aug 1: Celebration invitation sent out to residents, stakeholders and local media

Aug 23: Mural completion

Aug: Public unveiling and celebration

why we're doing it

Over the last two years Cleveland has made headlines, Lebron is Home, Top 25 Cities to Visit, Cleveland to Host 2016 RNC Convention, 12 Year Old Shot and Killed, DOJ Finds Cleveland Police Systematically Use Excessive Force, Cleveland:Top Segregated City in America. Cleveland has stepped into the spotlight, illuminating our assets and flaws. We will amplify voices of Clevelanders who are proud of our city and acknowledge its inequities.


Disbursed Budget 8.6.18
Raised = $1,236.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $34.98
Total to Disburse = $1,166.02
Food for 6+ meals
Original Budget
facilitated conversation ($1,000)
food for 6+ meals ($1,000)
art supplies/paint ($500)

Subtotal = 2,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $75
Total to raise = $2,610


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