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Help us win $500 in matching funds!

the project

Beginning on Monday, March 20th, donations to our project will be doubled, up to a total of $500, through a generous match provided by the Cooper-Young Community Association. 

Double your gift today when you make your donation to Brain Pop for Peabody!

Peabody Teachers and Students Love Using BRAINPOP and BRAINPOP, Jr.

BrainPOP and BrainPOP, Jr. are great ways to introduce a new topic, concept, or current event and get kids engaged in the learning. Students can take a quiz before or after watching a movie. Teachers use the movies to train the students to listen to content for the answers and/or to practice note-taking skills. BrainPOP movies are just the right length for keeping one’s attention and is a great tool for the Smartboard to make learning interactive.  Each lesson includes vocabulary in the form of a word wall that contains five key words and their student-friendly definitions. Teachers use these websites to differentiate instruction.  Some students may be able to share what they have learned through writing. Others may better express their ideas through drawing. All the features on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. accommodate a wide range of learning styles and grade levels. Teachers and/or students can watch as individuals, in pairs, or groups.  The websites can be accessed at school and at home to extend the learning.  These websites align with Common Core Standards in their information and questioning expectations.  These technology tools assist teachers and students in learning by increasing content knowledge and expanding academic vocabulary.  They make our learning FUN!

the steps

The PTA purchases a program for the school called Accelerated Reader and strive to provide as much technology in the school as possible.  The teachers worked with a fund source to get Brain Pop that has since not been available.  Teachers have been paying for individual subscriptions out of their pockets and we want to help provide for everyone.

why we're doing it

We want to give our teachers the tools that they need to get our students where they need to be.  Once we reach our goal, the PTA will purchase a School level subscription that all kids will be able to use at school, home and on smartphones for a full 12 months. We feel that our community school in Cooper Young has the support of the neighborhood to provide when needed. We hope to have this funded within 3 weeks.



RAISED = $987.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $28.75

Purchase new furniture for the entry area of the school to make it possible to have small meeting areas.



This is the cost for Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.  These are for the elementary school grade levels.

SUBTOTAL = $2,430
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $73



Help us win $500 in matching funds!







Hi Friends!

We've got a special match opportunity for Brain Pop for Peabody! Through this match, we have a chance to win $500 when you make your donation to our ioby campaign.  


How it works:

Your donations will double until we win all $500.  For example,

--> A $25 donation turns into $50 for Peabody! 

--> A $50 donation turns into $100 for Peabody! 

--> A $100 donation turns into $200 for Peabody!

Thank you for your support!



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