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35-24 70th Street
Queens (Jackson Heights)
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the project


Our long term goal is to transform this street along the eastside of the BQE into a garden entrance to Jackson Heights.  Since green space is in such short supply (we only have one very small concrete park in the neighborhood) we are looking to fully utilize the space next to and under the BQE.  The Jackson Heights Beautification Group (JHBG) has started this by opening a Dog Run on one part and we are working with NYS Dept. of Transportation to open a composting area.

Our focus is on changing the thin strip of land next to the BQE from weeds into a garden.   We started with the first 1000 square feet in the Spring of 2011 and it has been a success.  People have not dropped garbage on the garden, but do continue to drop garbage in the weed area.


the steps

Fall 2011 Goal:

We are looking to expand the garden by about 1/3 (300 square feet) this fall.  This will require the following steps:


1 - Clear area of weeds and trash

2 - bring in 6 - 8 inches of dirt/compost

3- plant shrubs and bulbs

4- lay down weed barrier and mulch

why we're doing it

The natural environment really does change a city and it's inhabitants.  This has been proven by the change in behavior demonstrated by the community reaction to the planting of the first stage of the garden.  People have been sitting on the low wall next to the garden and eating or talking, but not leaving trash.  While trash is still thrown in the weeds before and after, it is not thrown into the garden.  It shows that a garden can make a difference.


Wow what a difference a year can make. The garden looks GREAT! No more trash. Now we have bushes, flowers and an herb garden. Drive by and take a look. It is next to the BQE between 35th adn 37th Avenues.


$400 -- dirt/compost (Milmar Landscaping gives us free delivery and advise)
$200 -- shrubs (Milmar Landscaping)
$200 -- mulch (Home Depot--mulch will be needed on the first phase of garden)
$100 -- other flowers, bulbs and herbs (unknown source)
$ 0 -- daffodil bulbs (Partnership for Parks Daffodil project)
$ 0 -- tools (Grown NYC)
$ 0 -- food and drink (White Castle)
$ 0 -- labor (volunteers from JHBG)
$ 0 -- watering hoses (JHBG has equipment)

project total = $900
third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $27
total to fundraise= $927


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