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the project

As you already know, our neighborhoods are changing rapidly. We need residents and business owners like you to help us improve the quality of life for all in Garfield and the surrounding neighborhoods. Community-based and board driven, the BGC is proud to have support from valued community members like you. Donate today to be part of this important work.

We continue to rely on your generosity and commitment, and appreciate your support as the BGC enters its 43rd year. Your engagement makes it possible to create physical revitalization, greater economic opportunity and a strengthened sense of social wellbeing for all our neighbors.

the steps

Your support helps the BGC provide:

Affordable Housing

Home ownership and decent rentals for community members of all backgrounds


Workforce Development for Teens & Adults

Help with job searches, resumes, interviews, and actual job placement.


College and Career Readiness for Teens

Tutoring, summer camp, paid internships, and credit recovery for children


Commercial District Infrastructure and Business Development

Keeping our commercial district (Mathilda to Negley) a vibrant and safe destination.


Public Safety

Advocacy for neighbors on quality of life concerns from potholes to nuisance properties


Neighbor-to Neighbor Support

Providing neighbors with critical services, from free tax return preparation to small grants for financial hardships.


The Bulletin Newspaper

Founded in 1975, The Bulletin is one of the few remaining print newspapers that engages the community to inform residents about local issues and events. The paper is directly mailed to over 14,000 homes every month.

why we're doing it

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC) exists to improve the quality of life for all in Garfield and surrounding neighborhoods through active community engagement. Community-based and board-driven, one of the BGC’s main goals is to get as many people in the community as possible to participate in the efforts aimed at physical revitalization, an improved economy and strengthened social well-being. Almost 70% of our core-operating budget is derived from private grants and donations, without which none of the above would be possible. Many of the programs require corporate and/or philanthropic support for their very survival. We are reaching out to you to help us continue this important community driven work.

Thank you!



Disbursed Budget 1.8.19:

Our goal was $10,000 that would be put toward our general operating budget. We will bring home $1708.74. These funds will be used in conjunction with fundsraised in person and grants. All funds will be used for the general operating budget for the BGC as indicated. We placed our goal too high for an online aspect of the fundraiser.

RAISED = $1,795.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $51.26

Original budget:

Funds will be used for the operating budget for the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.

Project Subtotal =  $10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300
Total to raise on ioby = $10,335



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