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the project

Foremost there is a 500ft wall on a main avenue in the city of Cleveland, Oh. Another artist started what appears to be a mural, however for what reason the mural was never completed. As an artist looking upon what potentially could of been a great work of art for the community its in does more damage in it's incomplete nature than anything. We are going to reinvent on this 500ft wall something the community would be proud to say is theres. I personally don't know the reason the previous artist started the mural and never completed it. This wall has been an eye sore for over a decade, but I understand the power of images both positive and negative and would like to give this community something it deserves, like any community.

the steps

After assessing the wall and understanding that there are going to be minor fabrication issues before we can actually start this project. Once that is in place we can start the preliminary process of preparing the wall with a base coat. This is where the magic starts to take place because we are declaring something new, vibrant and inspiring on this wall. After the initial outline is on the wall we can start to block in colors, nothing specific -- just covering empty space. The next phase of this project would be some fine tunning with continuous layering of paints until we get to the point where we are confident our services to this mural is just. The last and most cosmetic part of this project is the sealer. Finish!

why we're doing it

I made an obligation to use my gift of art to help with the empowerment the education and upliftment of all people regardless of race, class or gender. This gives me the greatest satisfaction.


RAISED = $75.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $2.18



Fabrication- 1000

Sealer- 500

Brushes- 400

Paints- 2000

Scaffold- 1000

Artists- 20000

SUBTOTAL = $24,900
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $747
TOTAL TO RAISE = $25,682



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