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the project

Our project strives to provide free fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to all members of the Blendon Township Community. While providing nutrition we will also educate the youth of the community and their families to engage in healthy diet choices.

We plan to do this by recruiting participants to sponsor 10 plots of the community garden and donate all growth to the community or to WARM. We need advertising to obtain more plot sponsors, and we need funding for seeds, equipment, soil, water containers, educational materials for children, etc. 

Most of the school-aged students are on free and reduced lunches and do not have adequate or reliable meal options in the summer months. We hope that by providing this benefit we can provide a reliable, healthy diet to the families in this community.

the steps

  1. Recruit Garden Plot Sponsors
  2. We will be attending PTA, Church and local town meetings
  3. Obtain Funds
  4. Have a garden clean up date
  5. Planting day with kick-off community celebration
  6. Harvest weekly and invite members on community to pick
  7. Invite local schools, churches, etc. to bring students for education, planting and picking of produce. 

why we're doing it

Ohio struggles with childhood obesity, if we can teach children at an early age, we can create healthy meal choices. Many of the children do not have reliable sources of nutrition when school is not in session, by providing this resource to the community we are making sure these children eat and have healthy things to eat. Cost is a barrier for many of these families to eat healthy.


Shovels & Rakes 5 of each $15/rake & $20/shovel 165
Water Tub 1 $499 from tracter supply 499
Picnic Tables 2 $149.99/table = $299.98 299.98
Seeds   $59.99 59.99
Plants   $154.80 154.8
Water Pressure Booster Pump 1 $234.99 234.99

Topsoil 1 load $375 for one load 375
Hoses 4 $10/house = $40 total 40
Watering Cans 5 $99.95 99.95
Shed/Storage Unit 1 $254.99 254.99
Stakes 20 (1x2x8) $6.30/stake = $126 126
Hand shovel and Trolls 15 tools (5 of each) $4.99/tool = $74.85 74.85
Wagon 1 $69.99 69.99
Straw 6 bales $112.50 112.5
Soil Amendments   $149.95 149.95

SUBTOTAL = $2,716
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $81

RAISED = $20.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $0.58



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