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the project

Growing up my grandmother had a garden in her home. When I was a toddler, I remember growing fruits and veggies in her Brooklyn backyard. It was a fun and loving experience. What was even better was when we took the finished products upstairs and prepared them. The garden was not only a place that provided substance but also it provided a sequential learning experience, hands on training, creative space and culture. We would to create this experience with the community. Unfortunately, we was introduced to an unused garden space at our local library. The garden, if created, can provide nutritents and culture to the health deprived community of Brownsville. We would like to open the garden of our Friends Group with Saratoga Branch Brooklyn Public Library to the public. We have been put in place to organize and fundraise for the project.

the steps

We will along with the library and community start from the roots up. We will test the soil, find out what types of plants and food to grow, create a compost basket, section the garden, and work on growth section by section. We would like to start the project in August. We will collaborate with nearby schools, some of which we are already connected with.  The first step will be to have a meeting with volunteers, school representative, library and community board representative to see what makse a successful community garden. Then we will reach out to garden nyc, grow nyc and other programs. Next we will consult with a certified garden expert/herbalist. Then we will reach out to immediate networks for donations, send out on social media and email.  Then have a second meeting with instructors and current and future volunteers. We will coordinate a curriculum for the neighborhood residents and one for students. After, we will map out the garden and create the compost and recycling bins. We will purchase seeds, pots, art materials, paint, and other materials. We will host daily and weekly sessions to cultivate the garden. We will keep track of progress with images, written notes, and surveys. Last we will evaluate our success monthly and critique it. In the Long term we hope to grow food and veggies that will be sold for upkeep cost and donated to the less fortunate.  

why we're doing it

The puprpose of this garden project is to give the public an environmentally friendly common space and to provide access to freshly grown food. The food and plants will be given and sold (when fundraising) to the community. The funds will pay for testing of the soil, seeds, plants, teaching supplies, and garden pots. On July 23rd, 2017 we will be hosting anf fundraising a Charity Walk for Sustainability. Beginning at 10:00 am in Linden Park to raise awareness in Brooklyn about ecomomics, community togetherness, anti-violence, health and enviromental friendliness. A portion of the proceeds will be given to this initiative. We hope to have the soil tested by the end of July.


Poster Boards

Art Supplies

Compost Bins

A Soil Test


Garden Instructor



Rain Barrel Installation

Flyer Prints

Welcome Banner


Garden Beds

SUBTOTAL = 2,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $60



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