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the project

Biz Kidz is a 10 week youth entrepreneurship curriculum that will be implemented during summer camp at Kidz Kingdom Child Care & Party Center. The camp introduces youth ages 5-12 to small business ownership in various ways. We start by discussing idea creation - your idea can become a business! There are in-class discussions about what it means to own a business and what it takes to get started. There's an entrepreneur speaker series featuring guests in the fields of restaurants, marketing, website development, and child care to name a few.

Additionally, the camp includes a small business tour of the neighborhood, a special project at a local restaurant where the students will learn the operations, help serve guests and ultimately have a meal together. The children create their own logos for their business ideas and they also engage in a group project - the classic lemonade sale. The children develop the marketing materials, determine their ingredients, announce their event and do the work on the day of the sale. The kids takeaway the proceeds from the sell!

Many children in our community would love the opportunity to participate in such a program over the summer; however, the funds are not accessible. Although, this summer camp is set at an affordable rate, some families have more than one child or other obligations that hinder them from attending. These funds will allow our organization to provide up to 10 scholarships to deserving families and expand our impact this summer! Scholarships have been offered in the past and personally funded by the owner. This year, with your help, we can make an even greater impact!



the steps

Step 1: We will make a public announcement thanking all of our donors and informing the public the awards are available!

Step 2: Contact the parents on our current sign-up list to notify them the scholarships are now available.

Step 3: Assess the needs of the families and determine the scholarship award total.

Step 4: Review and assess the needs of any new applicants that may apply and determine scholarshp award totals.

Step 5: Host a summer camp showcase to display all that was accomplished during the summer and to celebrate our scholarship awardees!

why we're doing it

I developed Biz Kidz to expand my entrepreneurial mentorship to youth across Detroit. I want to prepare kids early on to start thinking about job creation as opposed to job attainment. I believe we can truly economically develop our communities when our future leaders are focused on job growth. As a mother of two children, I understand the importance of teaching children the fundamentals of operating a successful business.In 2016, I went into business with my six-year-old son Eugene Jr. by making him co-founder of Kidz Kingdom. Eugene named the business and he acts as a company advisor. His younger brother, Preston inspired the vision for the licensed child care component to the model. Eugene will soon be 10 and Preston is now 5, they understand ownership and they actually take ownership over the space. When people come in for tours, they both happily inform guests they are the co-founders. These are our future employers, not employees.

I plan to continue the work of Biz Kidz throughout the city in schools, youth centers and churches to help advocate for entrepreneurship as a solution to poverty. I see this work as an approach to the whole family and envisions parents engaged in workshops alongside their children to help support their child's interests.



Disbursed Budget:

Summer Camp Scholarships for 10 children: $1,000
Supplies for Lemonade Sales: $327.85

TOTAL RAISED = $1,405.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $42.15

Original Budget:

Summer Camp Scholarships for 10 children: $4,500 

Supplies for Lemonade Sales: $250

Supplies for project materials: $250

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156


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