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Guerline N
400 East 25th Street
Brooklyn (Flatbush)
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the project

The 400's East 25th Street Block Association is a work in progress.  We are a group of concerned residents who want to take the initiative to organize a block association in order to increase responsibility amongst our residents and build community pride.  We want to organize ourselves and pool our talents and resources together for mutual social and economic resources.  We want to replace the sounds of gunshots on our block to the sounds of birds chirping.  Our first project will be the care of the street trees on our block, and we are in need of help in purchasing supplies.

the steps

We want to organize residents in order to:

Build or buy tree beds 

We want to organize community tree watering program using buckets,  etc. 

Plant flowers and bulbs in tree beds. 

Build and decorate tree guards. 

Organize community events focused around tree care: weeding, composting, mulching. 

Neighborhood outreach and education about trees and the environment


why we're doing it

The gunshots that we hear on our block is unbearable.  We want to replace the gunshots by the sounds of birds chirping. We want to provide a safe haven for the kids on our block and in our neighborhood.  We want the kids to take ownership of the trees on our block and start caring more about our environment as a whole.  We want to help them build a sense of pride in themselves and in their neighborhood.



5 tree Guards at $65= $325

13 Trowels = $65

50 flower bulbs = $20

20 flyers = $20

Subtotal = $430

3% 3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee = $12.90

5% Fiscal Sponsorship = 21.5

Total Budget = $464.40


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