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the project

BikePool is a new bicycle group-commute program coming to San Jose. Users can ride to and from work with coworkers and neighbors utilizing a fun, safe, reliable, and inclusive service. Routes are organized so that rides originate and may gather additional participants at predetermined locations and times. BikePool caters to travelers who don't necessarily consider themselves "cyclists" but still want to try riding a bike for transportation. Ride leaders make sure to keep the group together, riding at a comfortable "no sweat" pace. Participants can depart the group at the place and time of their choosing, or small break-away groups may travel to individual destinations. BikePool combines technology, via the website and smart phone app, with community to create a highly organized system of group bicycle commute rides. Users will over time deveop confidence and hopefully become full-time bike commuters.

the steps

Ioby-sourced funding will go to the development of the website and the smart phone app. Using the website and route mapping tools, we hope to engage the community in route planning and create a robust network of routes. We will post schedules and recruit volunteers as ride leaders via the website. The app will provide users with route/schedule information and make it easy for people to plan their trips. In the first few months, activities will center around developing the technology, working with employers to map routes, and conducting outreach activities. We see these months as critical in getting the structure of the program firmly in place before ramping up the pilot program in San Jose. 

why we're doing it

The biggest obstacle to getting people to ride to work is fear - people are afraid of being in a collision with a car and do not feel safe on the roads. BikePool helps address this because there really is safety in numbers. A group of cyclists is far more visible than a single individual. People need to feel safe in order to make the transition from car commuting to bike commuting. Our roads are congested and our air quality is diminishing. Encouraging active transportation is a key factor in addressing these issues. 


Outreach materials $1,000.00
Smart phone app development $5,000.00
Website development $4,000.00


SUBTOTAL = $10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335



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