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First annual Fix-It Festival

the project

Our vision is simple : divert usuable and unusable bikes from landfills and into our processing center. We sort this raw material into three piles 1. Adult bikes worth it, 2. Kids bikes worth it, and 3. Not worth it. The "not worth it" pile gets stripped to bare frames. This is important because bicycles contain so many different materials (rubber, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc) that processing them isn't worth doing so they generally end up in landfills. The adult and kids bikes get refurbished by profesdional mechanics, who volunteer. then we distribute them through various non-profit organizations (like the salvation army) who them find appropriate people in need to ride them. We work with many other organizations, but they are the first to work with us offically, and the most transparent. They run a men's shelter here in Lafayette.

the steps

We are already rolling out bikes today as we speak. We have land leased and 40' storage container in place, full of about 150 "keepers" awaiting tools and parts. All "non keepers" are being processed but without tools and parts that could take longer than necessary. Park tools master tool kit cost $5000 alone and bike stands vary depending on intended use. We need utility services hooked up and deposits paid, we also need small lawn equipment to maintain the leased property. We need a fence and gate as well, and a nice sign. We have accounts with local hardware stores and Pedro's bike tools for near cost pricing so every dollar goes further than before.

why we're doing it

This project started as a trash diversion project. On one Saturday morning, our local public works department offered free dump day for local residents. That day 117 complete bicycles were thrown away by people without any knowledge that they would be diverted. We decided to take on the project but wanted to find a way to prevent negative impact on already struggling bike shops in the area. We then decided to give them to people we knew couldn't possibly buy them, as that way we could ensure we weren't cutting out retail sales. We soon found out how much of a need there was for a program like this from both angles. Public works has to separate the tires at least (sometimes plastics too) before even dumping them. Also the opportunities for people in need grow exponentially when transportation is an option, so helping the city reuse solid waste, while also providing free transportation to the needy seemed like a "no brainer" to us. We started accepting donated bikes and monetary donations for tools and general funds locally. We collected over 200 bikes in 4 days, over $1700 for tools, and 1200 for general funds. We are reaching out now hoping for a broader audience of supporters as this falls short of our goals, but is sizable for our community and confirms local interest


$7000 in park tools and stands (wholesale price, industry standard tools, lifetime warranty)

$3000 in spare parts (bulk chains, freewheels, wheelsets, bottom brackets)

$2500 operational costs (lease, insurance, utilites, property maintenance)

$2500 rubber related cost (sensible disposal of old tires and tubes, as well as sensible sourced replacements)

$2500 promotions and logistics (arranging pick ups, drop offs, pop up tents, stickers t shirts etc)



ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $542
TOTAL TO RAISE = $18,077





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