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Fish Fry 2018

the project

This project is a collaboration of Dah Sunshine, a nonprofit organization created from the loss of my husband Neal Briggs. He'll love to fish and would have a fish every year and after he passed I decided to continue with that tradition as a thank you to all of the people that love and respected Neal. At the fish fry we would except school supplies donation for the student of the Mount Pleasant community. Dah Sunshine wants to assist the students, parents and teachers of the Mount Pleasant Community with supplying its students with the school supplies needed to get them off to a successful school year. Dah Sunshine partners with Big Dogg's Associates, a social club founded by Neal Briggs and Chris Rutledge, in 1994, to organize a school supply Drive. Neal was a long-standing client of Marshalls previously, Parkers Barber Shop. BDA decided to use Marshall's Barber shops annual customer appreciation barbecue to distribute the book bags to the Mount Pleasant community students.

the steps

Book bags will be ordered at least two weeks prior to the event as well as t-shirts for donations over $20, August 4, 2018. Shopping for food supplies will take place the day before the event, August 18, 2018.

why we're doing it

This project will the assist, mostly single parents, with providing the necessary essentials for attending school. So many parents are not able to afford all of the necessary school supplies on their child(dren) list. Not to mention assisting the many teachers that come out of their own pockets for supplies.


Disbursed Budget 9.12.18

Raised = $710.00

less ioby Platform Fee waived

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $20.68

Total to Disburse = $689.32

125 Book bags $355.10

2 Cases of fish $110.16

2 – 5 Gallon of cooking oil $50

Various School Supplies $174.06


Original Budget

200 Book Bags $650 3 Cases of Fish $150 2 5 Gallon Jugs of Cooking Oil $50 Various School Supplies $150

Subtotal =


ioby Platform Fee 


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)


Total to raise =




Fish Fry 2018

Thank you so much goes out to all that came to support the Big Dogg's Fish Fry and School Supply Drive!! We were able to collect enough school supplies to fill 178 bags! Dah Sunshine would like to give a big thank you to Big Dogg's Associates for doing all the heavy lifting and making sure that this event was a success!!
I am so glad that we will be able to help the children of the community!


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