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Bollards have been installed!

the project

Did you know there is a partially unpaved bicycle trail at Agricenter International that parallels Walnut Grove from Farm Road to the Farmers Market?  The long-range goal is to pave this trail, pending grant funding in 2017 or 2018.  This trail will ultimately connect the Greenline with the Farmers Market.  In the meantime, Agricenter wants to make this trail more user-friendly.  By raising $3,640, we will be able to remove a gate on the bike trail and replace it with 4-5 bollards to allow easier access for bikes while still keeping vehicles out.  Access on this trail is a need the community has and we look toward those who are able to give to join us in this endeavor.  We are encouraging all to give here through this platform.

The funds will be matched by IOBY and Livable Memphis dollar for dollar up to $150 per gift. 

A gift of $10 will become $20, a gift of $150 will become $300, and a gift of $200 will become $350.

the steps

After funding is raised, we will purchase bollards.  Maintenance crew will remove the gate and install the bollards.  If our funding goals are exceeded, we will use the remainder to (1)  install the 2 new bike racks we will receive in the spring (these will go at the Farmers' Market and at the Strawberry Picking field) and (2)  purchase signage that is at the trail head near Farm Road that will direct bikes onto the path. 

why we're doing it

As an endorser of the Greenprint 2015/2040 plan, Agricenter International wants to connect bike paths on the property to contribute to the overall regional vision of a connected community.  The gate was originally placed to prevent trespassing of vehicles after dark.  However since the gate is closed at all hours, it prevents bicyclists from passing through during the day.  With the bollards, we can achieve both goals.

A secondary challenge is the limited signage letting bicyclists know there is a path to the Farmers' Market.  In the near future we plan to pave the 3,800 foot segment of the trail and establish better wayfinding.  The bike racks we will receive will allow bikes to park at the two destinations along the route (Farmers' Market and Strawberry Picking fields). 

Agricenter International is a non-profit dedicated to agricultural research and education.  We educate more than 4,000 school children a year about where their food and fiber comes from.  We provide bus scholarships to the schools to pay for the students to travel to our facility.  If you are a teacher and would like to book a field trip please call us at 901-757-7777. 

*Special thanks to 901Drones for providing this excellent video flyover.


We are more than half way through raising the funds for this project!! Thank you!
Thank you to all who donated! We have received the bollards in the mail and will soon install them. Yesterday, we received a $100,000 grant to enhance the trail! Read more about it here:
Thank you for your support! Bollards have been installed and the trial is open!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3/31/16):

RAISED = $3,665.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $105.73


REVISED BUDGET (as of 3/10/16):

SUBTOTAL = $3,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $105


Trail connection



Est. Greenprint document





$         730.00

 $    3,650.00




$         300.00

 $        900.00




Using the Greenprint Trail Guidebook, the cost for bollards and installation is estimated at $730 each. We believe we need 4-5 bollards which brings the cost to $3,000-3,500. We know we will save money on installation by doing it in-house and if we can save anymore on the bollards themselves then we will use any extra funds for trail signage.

SUBTOTAL = $3,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $90



Bollards have been installed!

Thank you all for your donations and support of this project!  The trail has been paved and bollards installed as of December 2017!  More improvements are planned in the future. 

Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting for the Agricenter Sunflower Trail took place Sept 5, 2017!  Thank you all for coming out! 

Ribbon Cutting Scheduled

Join us at the Agricenter Sunflower Trail.

September 5, 2017

9:00 am - 9:15 am

Follow the signs - this will be near the solar farm.

Bollards, signage, and other amentities will be added in phases after the Delta Fair is completed.

Thank You!


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