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the project

The Memphis Hightailers created this program to raise funds to purchase four prototype Bike Lane Street Sweepers that can be pulled behind a bicycle.  .  We would use these street sweepers to be checked out to sweep bike lanes.   We would also work closely with local city officials.   

the steps

Once we have cash in hand, we will order the four prototype bike lane sweepers. Our goal is to have these rolling by Bike Month.  We would set up a signup page for people to register and sign a waiver to volunteer to sweep the bike lanes. All those checking them out must also complete the Smart Cycling Class we offer and a class on how to use the Bike Lane Street Sweeper properly. 

Once established, we will create a group of certified users who can rotate cleaning the bike lanes. 

We will also set up our own online form where people can report Bike Lanes that have debris that can be cleaned using the Bike Lane Street Sweepers. Any big debris will still need to be reported to local city officials.  Our Bike Lane Street Sweepers would also enter requests with City Officials as they pop up.

All those using the Bike Lane Street Sweeper must follow the rules of the road.

Each Bike Lane Sweeper costs about $2500 and $600 for delivery. 

why we're doing it

We are doing this because the bike lanes in the Mid-South are full of debris, and the Mid-South is not set up to keep them clean properly.  This causes people to not ride in them, making them dangerous for them.


Bicycle Street Sweeper cost $2500 each + $600 shipping

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