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A heartfelt thank you to our donors!

the project

Bicycling is a very efficient, low-cost mode of transportation that compliments public transportation services like buses and trains.  The San Bernardino Transit Center in downtown provides an access point to many mass transit options, including 16 bus routes, a rapid transit line from four different transit agencies, in addition to planned expansion of commuter and light rail. It is at this growing Transit Center that the Inland Empire Biking Alliance (IEBA) operates the San Bernardino Bicycle Hubitat with the aim of increasing bicycle usage among the general public and improving overall transit experience.  

The San Bernardino Bicycle Hubitat aims to serve the 6,000 transit passengers with an emphasis on economically disadvantaged individuals that may not have the means to acquire, repair, or maintain a bike on their own.  Currently, over 200 transit passengers use their bicycle to access transit.  The Hubitat is a do it yourself bicycle cooperative that provides access to tools, equipment, parts and know-how so that cyclists can get their bikes back on the road.  Patrons of the Hubitat can take advantage of these services by volunteering or providing a small monetary donation.

Since the Hubitat opened, we’ve helped many very happy customers, some of whom have even turned into volunteers!  Omnitrans has received a lot of positive feedback from patrons of the Hubitat, along with requests to have it open for more hours.  In order to meet this demand in a cost-effective manner, the IEBA needs to raise additional funds to purchase tools, equipment, advertising, and part[time staffing.

the steps

Upon receipt of required funding, we hope to achieve the following:

  • Early September 2016 - Conduct field surveys to verify existing use
  • September 2016 - Purchase necessary tools and supplies
  • Early October 2016 - Provide newly aquired tools and supplies to the general public. 
  • Late October 2016 - Install permenant work stand at Transit Center
  • November 2016 - Conduct field surveys of patrons to assess effectiveness and identify new needs.

why we're doing it

The San Bernardino Bicycle Hubitat currently provides the San Bernardino community a low-cost option to keep their bikes rolling as they go back and forth to school, work, and other destinations. The funding provided will help us be instrumental in more stories like that of Levi King.

On the Hubitat's grand opening, Mr. Levi arrived needing to fix an issue that he couldn't afford to repair for some time.  The Hubitat provided him not only the tools to fix his bike, but the knowledge and confidence to maintain his bike in the future. In appreciation and in an effort to pay it forward, Mr. Levi has volunteered every single day the Hubitat has been open. As a volunteer, he has been instrumental in assisting dozens of people in repairing their bikes and has also earned a bike through our program. He is passionate about the work of the Hubitat and continues to eagerly refer people to the shop. In addition to Mr. Levi, we’ve helped nearly 100 other people keep pedaling since our first day, a number that continues grow every time we open.



Disbursed Budget (as of 8/15/16):

Tools = $3,738

Supplies = $3,087

Fix-it Station = $900

Part-time staff = $1,579 for 7 weeks with 6 additional hours instead of the originally sought 11 hours.

Total - $ 9,304 (IEBA will contribute the $0.43)

RAISED = $9451.00
*less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
*less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $112.43

*fees taken from non-match donations only

Original Budget:

Tools = $3,738

Supplies = $3,087

Fix-it Station = $1,800

Part-time staff = $2,700 for 9 weeks

SUBTOTAL = 10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335

*Processing fees will not apply to match dollars received. The calculation above is an estimate and is likely to change at time of disbursement, based on the amount of donations received. 


A heartfelt thank you to our donors!


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