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the project

Universal Design will be used throughout the development of this park to service our residents of all abilities. An ADA accessible pathway will be paved around the circumference of the park to give access to the ADA compliant poured-in-place rubber surface of the play area, as well as access to the public gathering facilities to be added in later phases. In the meantime, a concrete foundation will be poured where a pavilion, restrooms and picnic seating will be added later. The rest of the landscaping will be grassy maintained lawn.

As safety was a primary concern of the old park, we chose to keep the design open and able to be viewed from the street.  We will choose play equipment in which children could be viewed from all angles, as well as install dusk ‘til dawn pedestrian lights. A fence will be installed along the section of the park that borders the private residences, but not along the border with the existing sidewalk. This is to prevent individuals from entering the park at night unnoticed.  We also plan to install separate play equipment, one for children up to 5 years old and another for children up to age 12.

Care was taken in choosing materials that are environmentally responsible. This includes seating made of recycled materials, LED energy-efficient lighting, installing recycling receptacles and preserving the existing trees on the site.

As the site is in close proximity to the Van Buren Trail State Park, there is an opportunity to create facilities to service that community. We chose to install bike racks, a water fountain and wayfinding signage. We hope this will also serve as a link to our neighboring communities, and tie into our plans to expand and improve our local trail system.

Design features are subject to change based on funding and community input.


the steps

This is an estimated timeline of what we will achieve with your funds.

Feb 14, 2017: 5-Year Park and Recreation Plan Approved

Apr 1, 2017: Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) Application Submitted

Jul 1, 2017: Donations Campaign Launched

Nov 1, 2017: MNRTF Announces Grant Awards

Nov 30, 2017: IOBY.Org Donations Funded

Mar 1, 2018: Choose/Approve Design Concepts based on Funding

Apr 1, 2018: Send out RFPs for Engineering, Excavating, etc

Apr 1, 2018 - Jul 1, 2018: MNRTF Project Agreement Distributed (If awarded)

May 1, 2018: Award Bids

Jun 1, 2018: Begin Construction

Sep 1, 2018: Public Opening of Bicentennial Park & Trailhead

why we're doing it

The current Bicentennial Park served as a neighborhood playground to local residents for decades. It was home to the veteran’s memorial, which was relocated in 2016. The fencing and derelict play equipment was removed in February of 2017 due to liability concerns.

The Covert Township Park Advisory Committee recognizes the community importance of Bicentennial Park as a neighborhood gathering place, especially for the youth of the community. However, lack of ADA compliance, negative perception, small size and poor visibility from M-140 inhibits the future role of this park as a children’s play space.

The Covert Park Advisory Committee would like to relocate Bicentennial Park to the southwest corner of Lake Street and M-140 and rename it Bicentennial Park & Trailhead. This proposed site provides much better visibility due to its higher grade and location on a corner. The property is one (1) acre in size, which effectively doubles the current park’s area, and is centrally located near the public school and public housing, which is home to many our community's seniors.

The design of this project was “community led”.  In addition to multiple public hearings, a representative attended Covert Public School’s annual “Backpack Give Away” to get feedback from students, their families and faculty. Members of the local Van Buren Civic Organization attended our meetings to represent our senior residents.  The consensus was that there existed a desire to have a centrally located space for residents of all ages to recreate, take walks and hold public gatherings. The Park Advisory Committee also recognized the opportunity to link into the Van Buren Trail State Park to connect our neighboring communities and service the ever-expanding trail community.


Disbursed Budget 6.20.18
Raised = $1,655.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $47.18
Total to Disburse = $1,572.82
Playground equipment
Original Budget
Access Pathway 6' wide or more -  $47,000.00
Bench (4) - DONATED
Landscaping (1965 SFT) - $19,700.00
Lighting (5) - $41,300.00
Fence(30 LFT) - $20,100.00
Bike Rack (4) - $2,700.00
Play Equipment Surface 840 SYD - $25,300.00
Play Equipment - $143,000.00
Signage - $1,500.00
Drinking Fountain - $3,000.00
Recycle Bin (1) - $1,500.00
Demo and Removal of existing drive - $2,000.00
Engineering  - $43,900.00
Subtotal $351,000.00
Total Estimated Cost - $258,000.00

SUBTOTAL = $258,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $7,740
TOTAL TO RAISE = $265,775



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