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the project

The Klondike Smokey City Community Development Corporation (KSCCDC) provides economic development services to a target area that includes census tracts, bound by Chelsea Avenue on the North; Jackson Avenue on the South; North Watkins on the East and Manassas Street on the West. The Klondike Smokey City CDC Resource Center provides family, neighborhood, and community services through referrals, partnerships and outreach. This agency promotes the general welfare of the city by addressing the high levels of social and economic distress in the Klondike and Smokey City communities by providing technical and vocational opportunities.

The funds for “A Better You” program will be used to add extended learning opportunities; basic financial and computer literacy programs; and to help maintain our current level of services. The funds will be used to upgrade our computer lab with additional computers and software. We will plan seminars, job fairs, and community gardens activities. Also, the funds will be used to hire an instructor to teach the GED and basic computer classes.

Klondike Smokey City CDC intends to serve families in our communities by working in partnerships with the Department of Children Services (DCS), Cathedral of Faith Collaborative, Shelby County Schools and other nonprofits and community organizations.

the steps


  • School and Community Gardening

    The focus of the class is to help community members maintain gardens throughout the Klondike-Smokey City communities. This effort addresses obesity-prevention through enhancing access to healthy food. The School and Community Garden program integrates school and community needs, leading to school garden access for the entire community. The program inspires community members to question where their food comes from, and how the food source affects both nutrition levels and the local economy. The school gardening site is located at Caldwell- Guthrie Elementary and the community garden site is located at 825 Alma.

  • Basic Financial Literacy

    Participants will gain basic personal finance knowledge that will help them avoid or overcome financial challenges.

  • Basic Computer Literacy

    Participants will learn basic computer skills which will include how to use email, the Internet and Microsoft Word.

  • Healthy Lifestyles

    Participants will participate in seminars and classes to reduce obesity rates, improve nutrition, and to promote wellness in adults and children who have limited access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

why we're doing it

The mission of the Klondike Smokey City CDC is to improve the economic health of the North Memphis Community through community, workforce and family development programs.

The median household income in the neighborhood is $18,357, which is less than half of the Memphis median and about one third of the Shelby County median. About 43% of Klondike Smokey City households are living in poverty.

Klondike Smokey City CDC's goals are to bring revitalization and economic growth to our communities, to help our neighbors establish and maintain a certain quality of life, and to help restore the historical status of both communities. 




3 Computers


1 Printer


Teaching Materials and Supplies


Program Development


Marketing and Promotions




Administrative and Facilities




Total aiming to raise in Phase 1 $2,000

BUDGET UPDATE (3/17/2014): Funds will be used to help maintain our operational current level of services.

SUBTOTAL = $2,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $60

RAISED = $755
ioby Platform Fee waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $22


Thank you to our donors!


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