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Bethel is a rural community in Vermont with less than 2,000 residents. Although Bethel's population is rather small, it is the home of a community pool, playground, athletic fields, drive-in movie theatre, restaurants, rural parks, farms, and various other entertainment opportunities and businesses. In addition to the above list, the Bethel Recreation Committee erected the first phase of a concrete skatepark in August of 2020! 

For years, the volunteer-run Bethel Recreation Committee fundraised and fought for a skatepark to be erected in the small town. Thanks to generous grants, volunteers, and community members, the money was raised to successfully construct the park! The park has been used by local community members of all ages, as well individuals from around the state. The success of the park has been substantial, especially considering the size of the Bethel.

Currently, the Bethel Recreation Committee is fundraising for the second phase of the park through a can/bottle drive (in a town adjacent to Bethel), food sales in conjunction with local events, customized skatepark t-shirt and sticker sales, yard sales, a Fall 5K running event, annual coin-drops, and now... IOBY! The Recreation Committee recognizes the generosity of the community in fundraising efforts and hopes that a crowdfunding platform such as this will help interested individuals donate to the park with ease :) If we meet our fundraising goal, we hope to build the park in 2023.

the steps

Once the money has been raised, we will reach out to the individual that built the first phase of the Bethel Skatepark. We will then secure a spot on the 2023 calendar for phase II of the park to be built! 

why we're doing it

The first phase of the Bethel Skatepark, erected in 2020, has provided a free recreational opportunity for community members of all ages! From children walking to the skatepark when they finish school (located 5 minutes away via foot) to adults dusting off their old BMX bikes, the park has been prized by many. In addition to community members, many individuals from around the state have traveled to the park to take advantage of the smooth, concrete surfaces. Skateparks provide limitless recreation opportunities - they appeal to skateboarders, roller skaters, scooterers, and bikers. Within each sport, an individual can continuously advance and learn new tricks.

Words shared by a local skateboarder: "I go to the new Bethel park at least once a week. Every time I go there, I talk to the others at the park. A lot of people I talk to aren’t even from Bethel. People come from Randolph, Brookfield, Chelsea, Royalton, Tunbridge, Stockbridge, Etc. Us alternative-skate crowd are constantly searching for where we can go. The fact that there’s a few tiny ramps and a rail in little Bethel has attracted the attention of all of Central Vermont. Expanding the park would only increase tourism. Sure the skatepark is free, but the visitors have to eat lunch. They’ll need gas. They’ll want a beer after their two hour workout. An investment in this park and others like it is an investment in the town those parks reside in." 

Thank you for your time in reading about the Bethel Skatepark and your consideration to donate! Any amount is meaningful, no matter how small.


Building crushed ledge

Installing painted metal coping & building the forms for the skate features

Installing rebar in a grid pattern in the skate features & flat bottoms

Shooting concrete into the forms of the skate features/ramps

Finishing the transition concrete surface

Pouring & troweling the flat concrete surfaces

Caulking & sealing the finished concrete surfaces

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $815
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.


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