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Come out to Governors Island for FIGMENT NYC Weekend!

the project


Mud balls are thrown in to clean the polluted waterways!  

Click here: 1000 Beneficial Mud Balls VIDEO.

This is a biological scientific activity in combination with other organizations and a local college lab to test the effectiveness of Effective Microorganisms in restoring the Gowanus.  We will teach EM-1 microorganisms and make with the community activated fermented mud balls that accelerate the natural restoration of the waterways. The balls hold the microbial liquid in order to sink them to remediate the sediment. The mud balls job will be to process 10 feet of tar and chemical gunk at the bottom of the canal!  

We need a lot of them. Fortunately they are is not expensive. It has been proven beneficial world wide in very polluted waterways, salt and fresh water both. Look at emrojapan for more details. 


INGREDIENTS: The mud balls are made with fermented beneficial microbial inoculate called EM-1. The microbes consume the organic waste and reduce the chemical content of the water. We'll teach you how this works. 

SYMBIOTIC EXCHANGE: In exchange the microbes give protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants -- all great things the water life needs to survive.

The EM-1 is safe for human consumption and sold also as a probiotic for humans and animals in hospitals and vet clinics.

LIVE THE LESSON -  humans and our supporting environment both exist on the same bacteria. These microbes keep us healthy and will also keep our water, air and soil healthy. The good bacteria are great healers,  antibacterial fighters as well as being beneficial for us.

Our project will also include:

  • A highly publicized throw with a baseball pitcher a bar. 

  • Email if your org wans to participate in workshops. 

  • We will measure the results and work toward many million mud ball events and helping all NYC waterways! 

  • inexpensive relatively to current costs of treatment\

  • lots of fun events revolve around the making and throwing of the balls.

  • it is a sustainable, on-going public program

Links to more info at

the steps

  • Coordinate with other groups: We propose to harness the power of the people in the community, reaching out to little league and other groups, people of all ages to help make the mud balls and to then throw them. 
  • Invite and promote: We will reach out to partners for these events.
  • Teach: The environment works in similar ways our bodies do. People will learn about the balance of good bacteria inside our bodies and outside. 
  • Science: We propose working with college level teachers and students to do the testing of the water before during and after. 
  • Maintenance: The EM-1 can be poured directly in as a liquid each year.
  • Follow-up with participants: Via social media and press. 
  • Communicate results

why we're doing it

Many people do not believe that natural products can heal the self or earth. Our dependence on expensive chemicals is not without damage to the environment. Imagine using a product that doesn't harm the environment and is actually healthy for us. There are no deadly if swallowed warnings. It's food based. We can drink it.  

There are inexpensive solutions available that make no one rich, like this one. Few people are telling us about this product.

We propose to continue to educate and build a database of statistics for people to compare against other systems. We will teach people about microbes and their uses in cleaning, fertilizer and pesticide. This education is entirely scalable. We can make this knowledge and the use of the effective microbes a byproduct of our lifestyles. It can be incorporated in to our daily routines.

Inspiration: The EM-1 mud ball event in Panang, Malaysia 3 years ago now has proven to eradicate alga blooms, red tides and has brought back oysters and mussels as well as a variety of fish. Once an ocean bay that turned in to a lifeless muddy expanse below skyscrapers. Now it is an ocean bay again and the water has been valued as emergency use. Pretty darn impressive!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10/5/15):


RAISED = $229.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $10.90
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $6.67

Budget: 5 gallons of EM-1 which is $250.00.



10,000 mud balls=$30 per 200 mud balls.
Total = 1500

third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $45
fiscal sponsorship (5%) = $75
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total = $1655


Come out to Governors Island for FIGMENT NYC Weekend!


We will be delivering "EM-1 Beneficial Mud Balls" to Governors Island on Thursday. This is in preparation for our event, "Stockpile of Beneficial Mud Balls," at the FIGMENT NYC Weekend, taking place on Governors Island on Saturday, June 9th.

Ferry on over to Governors Island this Saturday to throw some balls and speak to members of our team. Someone should be there all day until we run out of mud balls.

The group will be throwing the mud balls into the water on Saturday, 6/9, at 11:30am and 1:30pm. All are welcome!

The Official Beneficial Mud Ball Beneficial Ball, 5/27!

The Official Beneficial Mud Ball Beneficial Ball: A Masters Of Succession Beneficial Mud Ball Bioremediation Project

Sunday, May 27 at:

El Jardin Del Paraiso garden
5th St.-Ave C/Ave D
New York, NY 10009

RSVP on Facebook. Like the MoS page while you are there. Mud-Ball-gowns, brown-tie and parasols if you so desire. (Stop at the Ave A/11th Flea Market for groovy $20 mud ball gowns.)

Come get your ball-gowns muddy and dance with dirty friends to "Harry Connik Jr" and New Orleans music, eat oysters and dirty rice. We are gong to make 700 mud balls Sunday or else. Invite everyone!


  • 3p-7p garden Mud ball making and festivity
  • 7-8 Sunset "Second Line" Procession to the river to toss oyster shells. 

We will end with a glorious sunset New Orleans "second line" procession to toss our oyster shells into the East River for restoration of oysters which clean the water.

Come early so we can make the mud ball quota. This is a beneficial work party. We want 1000 to throw for the Figment Festival on June 9th! (by June 1 to ferment)

Note: No donation necessary to enjoy mud ball making. Call us if you can help in any way. Contribution suggested: $10 for mud balling supplies. $30 drink/food. $40 for all. We have gifts for $5 - $15. A basket of all treats for $40. Donate on IOBY or directly to MoS Collective in person or on the web site.

Sponsors: 6th St Community Center, Jimmy's No 43 (beer), Shig Matsukawa's (mud balls), Force and Flow integrated body work, OWS Sustainability, Figment, Curtis B Wayne, Architect, Host, Burning Down the House on Heritage Radio Network. 

Information on the venue: El Jardin del Paraiso 309 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009 (5th-Ave C/Ave D): This garden is also a bioremediation prototype by the Gaia Institute NY > work > El Jardin. Great diagrams, map and photos.


PS: There are stories that unfold at MoS events and are continued at the following events. 

  • Scene 1: done. Sunday 5-20-2012-El Jardin. 
  • Scene 2: Sunday May 27, 2012 The Official Beneficial Ball at EL Jardin
  • Scene 3: Sat June 9, 2012 at the Stockpile of Mud Balls at Figment Festival
  • Scene 4: TBA: more Mud Balls and more throws for the Gowanus Project.


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