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Frederick K
Jericho Turnpike in Bellerose-20 blocks of street
Queens (Bellerose)
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Thank you! 100 trees get some TLC.

the project

<p>All tree health will be assessed by Certified NYC Tree Pruners. We will prune trees that need it, aerate the soil and plant flowers and put down mulch. This will keep the trees healthier, improve clean breathing as trees filter out many toxins in the air, and make the strip look nicer.</p>

the steps

<p>Assess tree health; Figure out flower arrangement and type; Clean and clear out tree pits; Spread mulch in tree pits; Remove any invasive plants and weeds; Project will take place in May, June and July 2010 to maximize work and get the most out of the flower planting.</p>

why we're doing it

<p>There are many trees and tree pits that need some serious attention, cleaning, pruning and beautification along Jericho Turnpike in Bellerose, Queens. We plan to clean out the tree pits, prune trees where needed and plant flowers and put down mulch to not only improve tree health, but make the street look nicer and more inviting for community residents.</p>


I live on 250th St bet 87ave & 87drive. I complained to the Department of Urban Forestry that the Hugh maple trr in front of my house was rotting and I feared it would fall and cause property damage or worse, someone could be injured by the numerous falling branches. Urban Forestry wrote back to me that inspectors had ruled the tree healthy. My 87 year old mom could see the horrible rot, carpenter ants and flaking wood but Forestry found it in good health, In mid 2010 we had a whopper of a rainstorm and the rotting tree did indeed fall and damage and luckily the only damage was my lawn. Now it's been over a year with an unsightly 24 inch stump that seems will sit there forever. Does anyone out there but me care. BELLEROSE beautification-help!!


60 bags of mulch @$3.00 per bag@ Home Depot 7 flats of flowers @10.00 per flat @Home Depot Tools and other materials are on hand. $266 SUBTOTAL IOBY PROCESSING FEE = $22 TOTAL = $288.


Thank you! 100 trees get some TLC.

Tree Pits Get Some Love


Here are some pics from our well-underway Bellerose Beautification Project. These are trees located on Jericho Turnpike (aka Jamaica Avenue) in Bellerose Queens. Volunteers cleared and cleaned out the tree pits and put down fabric then applied the black mulch.Trees that required pruning were attended to and it looks quite neat.  Best regards, fred





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