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the project


the steps

In order to complete this project, there are many steps. Including:

*Fundraising - raising money to purchase sustainable supplies to build the storybook trail

*Purchasing - buying the posts, podiums, screws, bolts, plexiglass, ???

*Gathering  - collecting all supplies, storybook pages, and people together

*Construction - physically installing the storybook posts and podiums in the ground and then mounting the storybook pages onto the podiums

*Announcement/Ribbon Cutting - a celebration of all the hard work to accomplish this project by inviting the community to come enjoy our first storybook trail.

why we're doing it



The $2000.00 will go towards the purchase of metal posts and podiums where the story pages are displayed along the trail. Although these posts are expensive, they do not rust and will be way more sustainable in the long run.


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