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the project

I am working to earn my Girl Scout Gold Award project and I hope to create a Storybook Trail in my community of Bellbrook, Ohio. Several neighboring cities have Storybook Trails and I thought Bellbrook would be a perfect place for one. With the money I fundraise, I plan to purchase 17 metal signposts and panels for the storybook trail. These signposts are more expensive than building wood ones, but they are rust-resistant and much more sustainable than wood. 

the steps

1. Pick a story that will be featured when the Storybook Trail opens. The book will be decided based on which has got the most votes in the community.

2. Purchase the panels and signposts for the Storybook Trail by April of 2024.

3. Clean up the trail and mark where each signpost will be installed.

4. Install the signposts and panels on the trail with help from my troop members and members of the Park District.

5. Host an opening event for the Storybook Trail and the community with fun activities that go along with the story Summer 2024.

why we're doing it

The city of Bellbrook has a lot of amazing parks and beautiful trails. I hope to get more families and young children excited about spending time in nature. I also love reading and want to spread my love for reading with the community and children. More and more kids are losing interest in reading at a young age, and I want the next generation to get excited about reading. When kids come visit the Storybook Trail, they will be spending time with their families, spending time enjoying nature, and learning the fun of reading. Bellbrook has also not had a Girl Scout complete her Gold Award in several years, and I would like to complete mine so the younger Girl Scouts have the inspiration to complete theirs.


For this project, I have decided to purchase metal posts from a company instead of making them out of wood. This is more expensive, but the material is rust-resistant and will be way more sustainable in the long run. I hope to raise around $2000 for the metal posts and the panels the story will be printed on.


Story Panels: $1500

Metal Posts: $500

Total: $2,000

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