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Thank you to the following donors:

the project

North Coast Urban Farms and Community Gardens on E. 144th was established in 2010. When I went into kidney failure in 2002 my doctors told me that my healthy eating habits were what kept me alive. After I recovered from surgery I started taking agriculture courses and going to gardening workshops learning all I could about proper techniques for growing and caring for vegetables and fruits and how to harvest fresh produce for my community.

Since then I’ve been appointed the coordinator for all community gardens in Ward 1 in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. I have taught hundreds of people in the community how to sustain their healthy eating choices. What I want most is to pass along my knowledge about gardening, bee culture, and making healthy food choices to the next generation. I’d love to introduce solar power and a closed water irrigation system as well!

At the fall festival the community will gather for a harvest celebration. We’ll have honey, vegetables and have kids prepare salads and show them that the foods that they eat they can actually grow themselves.

Farming is more than just playing in the dirt.

the steps

  1. buy some fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets
  2. utilize a local caterer to serve vegetarian dishes
  3. flyer the community to encourage participation
  4. purchase supplies and materials for raised beds and water catchment system

why we're doing it

We understand the needs of limited income families and want to let them know that there are more affordable options than fast food to feed their children. When I opened the community garden across from the Robert H. Jamison middle school, the response from the neighbors was immediately positive.

Fifteen year resident Toni Crawford keeps a watchful eye on it from her home next door. “Kids need to learn about it so they can one day become farmers themselves” she said. It also teaches them healthy eating habits”.



RAISED = $2,095.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived ($35.00)
Payment Processing Fee (3%)  waived ($60.00)

The extra $95.00 raised will help with the costs of fees for the classes for the bee keepers.



decorations $60

vegetables (for salads & soup)”this is where your lettuce comes from” $150

catered food from local restaurant $250

wood & materials to refurbish-garden beds $550

4 solar panels = $700

hoses & other equipment for irrigation system $290

SUBTOTAL = $2,000
ioby Platform Fee waived
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  waived



Thank you to the following donors:

Browns' Restaurant

Dan Conway "The Brewery"

Brett Joseph, Esq.

East 147th Beverage Store

Shelton Moore

Laura Brown

Cadillac (MC Club)

Nina Dominguez


Fred Hardman


Jill Dryer

NEOFarmers Coop


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