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the project

In 2010, Kinsman Farm was at the height of the national urban agriculture movement. Kinsman Farm received over a million dollars in land and soil restoration with the idea to grow food at a localized model to bring fresh food and accessibility to neighborhoods of Cleveland especially within the Kinsman Neighborhood. As we have witnessed Urban Agriculture especially within Cleveland has become less and less a priority and since 2010, we have seen a decrease in utilization of Kinsman Farm. In 2019, Ubuntu Cultivators signed a lease to take on the south side of Kinsman Farm. In the past season, we looked at our capacity and ability to make changes on the Farm and in the Community for something beautiful and vibrant. This year we set out to fulfill our shared project mission of making Kinsman Farm a beautiful and active site for the community and residents of Cleveland, OH. We are working with Rid-All Green Partnerships and other local businesses to support the Urban Innovation Zone Movement. Make a difference by supporting our project and we will allow you a free bag of produce from our farm.

the steps

Our organization will put an RFP on our website to contract the removal of brush on our portion of Kinsman Farm, this will need to be done ASAP. Once we close our RFP, we will contract with an organization to remove brush. Once the brush is removed we will then make purchases from local or locally sourced nurseries to buy items for beatification of the site. The project is to be concluded by mid-may in preparation of being nearly done with planting for volunteers to enjoy their time on the farm.

why we're doing it

Ubuntu Cultivators sees potential in the Urban Innovation District however; our focus right now is making a Kinsman Farm an urban agriculture staple to Cleveland Area and building on the efforts made by the original founders and our neighbors Rid-All Green Partnerships. Investing in urban agriculture is not only an important component to social and economic value it also adds value to the environment and the habitats for wildlife. By investing in this project, we will create a space of beauty, sanctuary from the urban environment, and grow food for Cleveland residents to indulge in.


Project Budget: 

Contract work removing brush = $500

Planting Wildflower seed mix = $50

Native bushed plants x 6 x $50 = $300

Configuartion and fixing Rasied Beds = $150 + in-kind services. 

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $32
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $1,067


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