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Frederick K
S conduit aka Sunrise Highway
Queens (Rosedale-South East Queens)
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the project

Community volunteers will cleanup trash and debris and plant seeds and small seedlings around the monuments and green streets to provide a colorful and green area for the Memorial Day Parade and the spring and summer months of 2012. Marigolds and other hearty flowers will be planted to make this an oasis of color for all to enjoy.

the steps

Volunteers will begin by cleaning up all the debris around the area. We will buy annuals and seeds to plant to provide beautiful blooming flowers during the spring and summer months. We will maintain the flowers by watering them on a regular basis and weeding around them. It is a labor of love as this is like the town square of the quaint town of Rosedale in South East Queens. We will continue to clean and plant while we have the supplies to do so to make this area look nice.

why we're doing it

We want to pay tribute to the many Veterans that faithfully served our county by maintaining and beautifying the monuments located on Sunrise Highway. It is only fitting to keep these monuments neat and clean and looking their best. This will also inspire local residents to clean up and keep their properties looking nice.




6 flats of marigolds@$12.00 per flat=72.00 2 gallons paint@30.00=60.00 All other supplies like seeds and paint related tools we either have on hand or will be in-kind donations. Total cost for materials is $132.00 Subtotal = $132 3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $3.96 Budget Total = $135.96


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