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Thank You!

the project

We are now raising funds for the 2017 summer. Please help us complete our fundraising goal.

We intentionally promote literacy to help bridge the Education Gap.

Thank you for stopping by our page to learn more about our free 5 week one-on-one tutoring program that has been serving the youth of the Slavic Village Area of Cleveland for the past 39 years.

The Mission of the Broadway Christian Church Summer Reading Program is to provide individualized lessons, to at risk students in the community and to provide the teens of the community with opportunities to experience the work force, in a positive way as hired tutors.


the steps

Between now and May 2017, the BCC Summer Reading Program will be raising funds in order to provide 5 weeks free of one-on-one tutoring to students who are at risk in the inner city of Cleveland. We hope to have our funds secure by May so that we can start recruiting students. The more money we have the more students we can serve. We will also be holding job interviews for tutors, computer teachers, and art teachers. Again, how many we can hire depends on the funds that we have secured. These positions are filled by local teens and college age students. 

why we're doing it

With a legacy of 39 years, the Broadway Christian Church Summer Reading Program seeks to close the education gap by providing FREE one-on-one tutoring during the summer for students who are academically at-risk in or near the Slavic Village area of Cleveland.

The program runs for 5 weeks each summer for children in grades 1 through 6. The children served are refered to as "Intentional Scholars" because the time spent with them to increase their skills is nothing short of intentional. By contacting the schools prior to the program beginning, the team of educators on staff are able to create daily individualized lesson plans which address the specific needs of each scholar. Imagine 5 weeks of one-on-one tutoring to solely meet the needs of your child.  Add the fact that it’s free of charge, and they have access to art classes and a computer lab to strengthen their skills, and you can understand why the Summer Reading Program is indeed intentional!


Disbursed Budget (4.7.17)

Subtotal = $4,100 Stipends ($7.80 an hour) for 7 teens to provide one-on-one tutoring, to work with 21 students (7 teens  X  $7.80  X  3 hours a day  x  25 days  =  $4,100)

less ioby Platform fee = $35

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) = $118.40

Total to disburse = $3,946.60

Original Budget

Subtotal = $9,945: Stipends ($7.80 an hour) for 12 teen tutors to provide one-on-one tutoring and 5 teen staff to run the art and computer classes (17 teens  X  $7.80  X  3 hours a day  X  25 days) 

ioby Platform fee = $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) = $298

Total to raise = $10,278



Thank You!

The Broadway Christian Summer Reading Program wants to thank everyone who gave so generously to our campaign. We also want to thank Neighborhood Connections for matching $2,000 of what was raised. Although we did not reach our goal we did raise enough to pay for stipends for 7 tutors to work one-on-one with 21 at-risk students this summer. We are still trying to reach our goal, so we can hire 5 more tutors and 5 more staff for the art and computer room. We have some grants pending and some other fundraisers. However, should we not raise another dime we are still going to work with 21 students this summer, which will be our 40th summer. The legacy will go on thanks to you!

Neighborhood Connections' Matching Funds Reached!

The Broadway Christian Church Summer Reading Program wants to thank Neighborhood Connections for their matching funds. We also want to thank all of those who helped us take full advantage of the amount of matching funds that Neighborhood Connections was offering, by making such generous donations.  With $2,000 in donations, we now have $4,000 in funds towards our goal of $10,000 for this summer's program.  This will allow us to hire 7 of our 17 teen staff needed to work with the children.  These funds are so essential to our program as they allow us to hire the teens and keep them working for us, as well as allow the 36 students we will work with to attend the program free of charge.  If you haven't donated already, remember we still need to raise about $6,000 more to reach our goal. Although the funds will no longer be matched they are still needed and any amount helps!

Needed $500 more for Matching funds!

We need to raise at least $500 more by the end of this month to take full advantage of the matching funds available through Neighborhood Connections.  Please help us reach our sub goal of $2,000 for the full match.

Matching Funds Available

The BCC Summer Reading Program can receive matching funds for donations totaling up to $2,000.  But we need to do it before the campaign ends.  We already have $800 that will be matched.  Please help us reach the $2,000 mark so we can double your donations and be closer to reaching our goal.  

Who will give $100 more?

Thanks to the generous anonymous donations totaling $800, we are just $100 away from allowing 3 scholars to attend the Summer Reading Program free of charge.  It costs about $300 for a scholar to receive a hour of one-on-one tutoring along with an hour of computer class and an additional hour of art for 5 weeks. Help us reach our goal of allowing 35 students to attend at no cost to their families.   


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