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Frederick K
145-24 231 Street
Queens (Springfield Gardens)
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Thank you! Batteries Recycled.

the project

Batteries are toxic and are being dumped into our landfills. They leak toxic chemicals and create a toxic soup.

the steps

We will collect all kinds of used batteries at civic meetings and public gatherings and ship them to a company that recycles them rather than just dump them into landfills

why we're doing it

We are working to recycle all kinds of batteries and remove them from the waste stream and therefore reduce toxic waste.


When can batteries be brought in for recycling?


4 medium size boxes @54.00 to ship batteries to Battery Solutions (, project total = $220, ioby fee = $18


Thank you! Batteries Recycled.

Battery Collecting Underway! Needs last few dollars to start Recycling!


Battery/ink/toner/cell phones recycling-- We have designed a flyer to talk about our recycling program and have enlisted the help of 10 local civics to be dropping off points for their batteries, eyeglasses, ink/toner and cell phone. We have already collected a few hundred batteries and many other items. Response is great and  gets more people to attend the meetings of their local civics. The group anticipates sending our out first big box of batteries as soon as we are fully funded. We expect the amount of batteries to reach into the thousands as everyone seems to have a draw full of "dead " batteries at home in their kitchen draw.


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