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the project

barefaced...inspired by C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces is a dance production infusing film, narrative, original music and live dance performance. The show will premiere September 14th and we need to raise funds for final production costs and to lower ticket prices to make it accessible.

Who are we?

We are Mikaela Brown and Mackenzie Valley, co-artist directors of Elu Dance Company (see about our company here!) and we have created a thrilling performance based on a novel by beloved C.S. Lewis. Considered perhaps his best work, although not as well known, Till We Have Faces has inspired us to tell this story through dance.

The Performance

The story follows two sisters as they traverse the frontier of truth, trust and devotion.  Inspired by Lewis’ novel, this unique retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche transports its audience to world unknown, laying bare the human condition. We have been bringing this story to life (off and on) for three years, with a brilliant team of artists and collaborators.

The performance of barefaced revolves around two dancers portraying the main characters of the story, sharing the stage with a mixed-medium sculpture resembling an abstract mountain (designed and built by local artist and sculptor Mark Sugiuchi). The audio recordings intermittently carry the plot of the story, bringing the audience into the unknown world the story is evoking. Original music composed and performed by the artists of Ancient Path, use a variety of instruments (violin, horn, flute, piano, drums, voices) to paint an inner landscape that the dancers interact with. The dance films (filmed by local artist Mark Valley) show several different scenes from the inspired story, acting as another layer to this interdisciplinary show. Filmed outdoors and in collaboration with 10 local professional dancers, the dance films intertwine the natural landscape of northeast Ohio and the language of dance. Costuming by Jennie Doran and also by Courtney McCrone enhance the dancers movements and speak to character nuance.

These artists have given of their time, energy and resources FREELY.  Other collaborators have helped by donations, feedback at workshop showings and donations of other resources (like food for dancers!).

The final collaborator is YOU. You are the reason we create meaningful work. We cannot wait to perform and share this work with you on stage. But there are some needs that must be met before we can premiere this show.

This Ioby Campaign will cover the remaining production needs (like securing the venue, pay theatre costs, finishing costumes), and lowering ticket prices. In order to break even, ticket prices can be steep for our fellow neighbors to enjoy this show in the theater. By raising funds, we can lower prices and make barefaced accessible for all!


the steps

Finish work: (Finish choreography, edit dance films, music composition for two more pieces, music mastering, finish remaining costumes)

Marketing: getting the word out there through media, newspapers, postcards

Sell tickets

why we're doing it

We are passionate about creating meaningful, compelling dance performances that are accessible to all audiences. We believe that expressing the human condition- both it’s plights and its joys- in a beautiful way can bring its viewers healing and connection to fellow humans.  In barefaced, the main characters (Psyche and Orual) are tested through the troubles of loss, betrayal and doubt. For one, an act of love results in sacrifice. For the other, fear disguised as love brings misery. Their search for redemption is relatable and the hope offered at the end of the story is palpable.

Because we believe in the message of barefaced, we want to share it with as many people as possible. High ticket prices can be a hindrance for people to visit the theater.

Our ultimate goal with this ioby campaign, is to lessen the burden for people to participate in the arts. With your support, we can lower the cost of ticket prices, and even offer free tickets to some - giving access to a broader audience.



Reducing ticket price (offset theatre rental fee): 5,650
Final costuming: 700 
Final music recording/mastering: 500
Final filming: 200
Marketing: 1000
Lighting Designer: 900
Stage Manager: 400
Moving van rental (load in/out set design): 100
Photographer: 550
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345


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