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the project

We already had two successful #BankBlack crowdfunding campaign where we raised over $3,000.  With those funds, we started our project with new online platform and app, hired artist and designer Walter Cruz to develop materials to promote our financial access and empowerment campaign, developed the organization, and additional online/social/promotional materials for our national banking and financial access campaign. 

But we have more to do and are doing a third round of funding to hire a coder and programmer to update the #BankBlack App, the Website and use purchase technology to develop the internal controls of the organization.  Please #InvestInUs and donate now to support this important work!

Bank Black USA is a grassroots campaign with an updated goal to move $500 million in deposits and assets to black-owned banks by MLK Day 2020. By encouraging individuals and communities to #BankBlack we can help to support these important black banks and credit unions that have a track record for serving and investing in black people, businesses, and communities for generations. With the loss of these black-owned institutions over the years, we have also lost some of our best resources for the betterment of black communities and support for black businesses, financial empowerment, local employment, and the building intergenerational wealth for black people that has been one of the most stubborn racial disparities in our country. Through our campaign, we will provide a grassroots-level and independent campaign to promote black banks and credits as well as financial education to the general public. This will include a focus on black communities, but also allies and organizations interested in the social impact of their financial choices. 

Please donate today so that we can have a successful effort and make a sizable impact for these institutions so they can be strong and continue to do important work investing in communities across the nation. 

Visit Bank Black USA for more information.

the steps


We have already begun with an online and media campaign that has gained national attention, we have built on that momentum by developing a sustained national campaign that includes online and in-person communication and collaboration to promote economic cooperation and financial education. We have taken actions to  bolster our online presence with visual and video content to promote the campaign and developed a toolkit with various promotional and educational materials to distribute to partners to host #BankBlack #InvestInUs workshop events across the country. Now it is time to upgrade our Mobile Application with version 2.0 and enhance our website to make it even more comprehensive. 

why we're doing it


"Discrimination in financial institutions is real and affects many black people. In January, the U.S. Justice Department accused KleinBank of redlining for failing to make its services available in areas dominated by people of color in Minneapolis and St. Paul. A few days later, JPMorgan Chase paid a $53 million settlement over the bank’s brokers allegedly charging higher interest rates to minority borrowers than white borrowers. Just last year, BancorpSouth, a regional Mississippi bank, had to pay a $10.6 million settlement over allegations of discriminatory mortgage lending practices. Black-owned banks are significantly more likely to lend in low-to-moderate income communities and to borrowers of color than many major banks. Sixty-seven percent of home loans made to black borrowers in 2011 came from black-owned banks in comparison to less than one percent for other community banks, a 2014 FDIC Minority Depository Institutions study found."



We will use the $3,253.48 and along with the $800 of our own dollars to be able to pay our first intern $4,000 to help us with the organizational goals below.

  • Establishing framework for BankBlackUSA App 2.0
  • Website redevelopment
  • Organizational Development - more specifically our internal controls 


  Normal Fees
TOTAL RAISED = $3,354.11
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $100.63



$1500 for BankBlackUSA App 2.0


$1000 for redevelopment


$500 for Organizational Development.



ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $94




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