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the project

Bandon is a bustling beach city, with summer visitors pouring into Old Town each year to enjoy the fresh fish, salty air, and coastal charm of our historic shopping district. Locals enjoy Old Town, too, with the farmer's market, art-filled boardwalk, and summer festivals. While we love our downtown, we often hear that visitors and residents alike want to sit outside, and we don’t have many offerings for that right now. So, the City of Bandon and the Greater Bandon Association are partnering to develop, design, and install two public parklets in Old Town Bandon.

What's a parklet? A parklet is an extension of the sidewalk into a parking space that increases access to multi-modal visitors and provides a space to rest, relax, and be entertained. The two parklets will be installed on 2nd Street, one in front of the Bandon Coffee Cafe and one in front of the Broken Anchor Bar & Grill. Due to weather constraints, the parklets will be seasonally available, but open 24/7 for public enjoyment. We hope to bring in components of local art, native plants, culturally appropriate design to be sure that these parklets say Bandon through and through.


the steps

  • Develop a design with Gary Robertson from Edoba-Designs

  • Use social media to showcase Gary's designs and find out what the public wants in a parklet

  • Gather community support, solidify funding sources, and build that parklet!

  • Enjoy the summer sun and a nice cup of coffee out on the parklet.

why we're doing it

With narrow sidewalks and few benches, Old Town Bandon is a difficult place to relax if you simply wish you enjoy your lunch or coffee while people watching or meet with a friend outdoors. Sure, it's cold when the wind blows-but that's never stopped us from getting outside before! We hope that these parklets provide our residents and visitors with space to stretch their legs, relax a bit, and extend their stay in Old Town. We also hope that they have the added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing with great design, native landscaping, and local art.



Disbursed Budget

Raised = $3,375.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $97.28

Total to disburse = $3,242.72

Construction + Materials: $2,800

Landscaping: $200

Maintenance: $242.72

Storage: Free!


Original Budget

Design: $200

Construction + Materials: $2,500

Landscaping: $200

Maintenance: $100

Storage: Free!

Subtotal = $3,000

ioby Platform Fee: $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%): $90



Thank you so much!!!

Thank you to all who gave an supported the public parkelt project! We actually exceeded our goals and feel thrilled to live in a community with such generous neighbors. We are working to gather materials, finalize our design, and get our builder ready to go and we will update you as we make more progress. Many thanks for your continued support!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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  • The Beverage Barn - Cheers!
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