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the project

Ethan, age 14, loves reading and wants to share his enthusiasm for literature with other kids.

He has created and maintains a website ( where he reviews children's/YA books through social media. On his website along with his descriptions of the book reviews, he provides Amazon links which will hopefully lead to a partnership to further raise funds for charity.

Ethan is primarily involved with local charities like the Book Truck ( a non-profit organization dedicated to improving teen literacy in underserved communities throughout LA county. 



the steps

1. Donate books to the BookTruck for distribution.

2. Donate books to Hope Gardens.

3. Coordinate with our affiliate partners such as the BookTruck to prepare for the yearly Yallwest festival. Their website is

4. Utilize the money to enhance the website and video production.

5. Marketing the organization through social media.


why we're doing it

Our goal is to share our love of books so everyone can experience the joy of reading as much a we do. Even kids can empower others to unlock the magic of books.


$1000: Purchase new books for The Book Truck

$1000: Purchase New Books for Hope Garden Children

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