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7th Ave. South, between It is between 11th and 12th Streets
Manhattan (West Village)
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the project

First of all, we DO in fact have an environment crisis all around but it always originates within. So, what we do is to try and work on the psychology crisis in the modern man. Any type of green space within the confines of a urban concrete jungle helps lift us from our dichotomy from nature and restores within a sense of the sacred place, and also a feeling of empowerment restoring our humanity to us. I see this within the tenants that I work with at Bailey-Holt house who come from a despairing place.

the steps

We will finish up our current grant in May by installing a rain water harvesting system, completing the raised garden beds, and stipend for the resident workers at Bailey-Holt House to continue their work.

why we're doing it

We have a sustainable food project in the West Village. It is right across the street from St. Vincent's hospital. Our emphasis is 1) create a beautiful and enjoyable greenspace for the citizens of that area to enjoy also 2) to educate the tenants of Bailey-Holt House located on the corner of Christopher St. and West Side Highway. We educate through workshops, lectures, and hands on experience stewarding the garden. We are currently under a grant from United Way but we would like to be 100% sustainable by the fall growing and selling floral and herbal plants for the local citizens and also to grow food for the Bailey-Holt House kitchen.


A small greenhouse to help us start our seedlings. We found 6 X 12 wood frame greenhouse from Seeds of Change organic,,
This would help us continue our education all year long.
third part credit card processing fee (3%)= $86

ioby labor and materials fee= $35
total to fundraise = $2996.


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